Anti-Merkin Workin

  • Workout Date - 06/05/2014
  • Q In Charge - Sanchez
  • The PAX - Scuba Steve, Rocky Top, OSHA, Rusty (FNG Peter Goodwin), Hermie (yes, 2 appearances in 2 weeks!) Angina, Elmers (North CLT), Snip-it, Col. Sanders, Wrinkle, Bevis, Montross, Frankenrider, Manziel (FNG Bill Swinderman), Sanchez
  • AO -

14 men showed up on time and YHC joined the pax after their ad hoc warm-up #showinguplatetoyourownparty. 

Warm-Up (from what I was told):
Smurf jacks x ?
IW x ?
SSH x ?

The Thang:
Mosey to parking lot for 2 line Indian Runs with sandbags #thanksbunyan #awkwardstart.  Indian run the long way around the park to the Holler.

Round 1:
-Flutter kick IC x 30 with last 10 slow for fun
-Squats IC x 20 with some extra down and holds #offtobadstart
-Box Jumps OYO x 20
-Wall-squat single line and pass the sandbag down and back x 2
-Indian Run, 2 lines, with bags – Up the hill out of the Holler, down the road and back into the     Holler.  Rinse and repeat until everyone has cycled through #howsteepisthathill

Round 2
-Repeat Flutter, Squat and Box Jumps from Round 1
-Russian Twist with a twist –  2 lines, Russian twist starting position.  Pass the sandbag down the line and back
-Repeat the Indian Run around the Holler #wheresthecreativity

Round 3
-Repeat Flutter, Squat and Box jumps from Rounds 1 and 2
-Wall squats from Round 1 again with bags
-Plank-o-rama: 135 seconds in plank (goal was to hold long enough for a 10 count from each man but Wrinkles 10 and 5 of Frankenrider’s count went to recovery)

Indian Run with bags back to the flag pole #ugliestindianrunever

Flutter Kicks x 10
Dolly x 10
Flutter x 10
Rosalita X 10
LBC x 20

Crucible hard launch Friday 6/6 #notforthefaintofheart
Scuba Steve is looking for passes to the Gower Pool. Snip-it denies hearing the request. SS offered to Q a water workout #bringyourscubagear

Prayer Requests:
Lift up all our brothers who are suffering in silence.


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