Anti-loping 0.0

  • Workout Date - 05/18/2015
  • Q In Charge - Brown Shorts
  • The PAX - Gluten, Swift, Quaker, Youkilis, Flow Rider, Seal, Quickie, Cabin Fever, 8 Mile, Duplo, Tea Bag, Slug, Shiner, Tiny Dancer, Underhand, Keystone, Brown Shorts
  • AO -

After surviving the Jackalope ( barely) YHC decided there would be no running for me. Many times the core work is ignored. 17 men would not run at all but still work up a sweat. Let’s go!

Warm up

SSH, IW, MC, Squat all in cadence x 25


Flutter, Rosalita, Dolly all in cadence x 25, Boxcutter x 15, reverse Boxcutter x 15. Those who did not heed my Twitter warning soon realized that I was not gonna run today.

As we turned toward the shed an amazing meteorite lit up the sky. I bet the PAX were wishing the pain would stop.

Zombie walk (lunge walk) to the brickpile for 7s. Although Gluten tried to speed up my count, these were done at a slow controlled speed. Good form is better than speed. 7 half curls, hold out front, 7 half to chest, hold, full range, hold, shake it out. 7 triceps curl, hold overhead, 7 chest presses, hold, 7 rows, hold to chest. Rinse and repeat 3 times. Lots of mumble chatter from my runner friends about the lack of running still. I felt like we were back in middle school with all the flatulence or as someone put it, “mumble cheddar”.

Bearcrawl back to the flag. This time follow the road, approximately 100 yards.

More Mary

LBC, reverse LBC, LHC oblique crunches left and right all in cadence x 25

Flutter, Rosalita, Dolly all in cadence x 25

Tried the new Mountain Climber ‘Merkin. MC leg kicks on 1,2,3 push up for count. Only got to 12 in cadence. Plank til the end. Abs are toast!

P & A

F3 meeting this Wednesday at Barley’s??, Wren Flud Run canceled but we are doing Easley Mud Run the same day May 30, June 6 Dave’s Run at Anderson University, Doodle Trail opens this week, Doodle 5K is July 18, Sunrise 8K coming up, need ideas for a bike workout.

Praise for Keystone’s 2.3, Continue to pray for TPC Church where a lot of PowderKeggers attend. As always we pray for all our F3 brothers.

Always a pleasure,

Brown Shorts


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