Anniversary Week (Part 1) – A Stroll Down Memory Lane

  • Workout Date - 10/07/2014
  • Q In Charge - Bunyan
  • The PAX - Flay, Clapper, Montross, Pedialyte, Squeal, Rocky Top, Frankenrieter, Hermie, Rusty, Baby Nate, Snip-it, Beavis, Malpractice, Zoila, Semper, Cataract, Sanchez, T....B....C, Dexter, Bunyan
  • AO -

20 PAX denied the comfort of the fartsack to celebrate Part 1 of the Tankyard Anniversary week celebration.
YHC didn’t realize the significance of the day/week when signing up to Q…….This week marks the 1 year anniversary of the Tankyard, when TBC ran us all over Gower park and surrounding areas to experience the AO in all its glory.Today is also 11 months to the date from my first Q experience (11/7/13). Thought it would be fun to re-visit some of my old backblasts for a stroll down memory lane…..

Merkins (IC)

Jack Webb Modified – AKA Jack the (Ab) Ripper
1 merkin, 4 LBC (IC)
2 merkins, 8 LBC (IC)
Up to 5 merkins, 20 LBC(IC) and back down

Mosey to the parking lot for Speed Hump Dora:
100 Merkins
200 Air Squats
300 Russian Twists

20 Air Squats, 20 LBC, repeat until all are done.

Plank O Rama

Mosey to the grassy hill in the back of the park (cones are set up). (I remember this one being one of the hardest calls to push through and not audible #worthrepeating)

11’s with a merkin twist (old PAX favorite)
Start at the base of the hill – 1 DC Mountain Climber
Sprint up to the cones at the top of the hill – 10 burpees
Repeat until 1 Burpee and 10 Mtn Climbers….
**Merkin Twist – 5 merkins every time you hit the sidewalk (10 per round)

Mosey back to the tennis courts just in time for Mary(IC):
Wait….remember that time YHC had the Q and it was snowing?
Welcome Snow Angel Pyramid (15 Snow Angels IC – 6″ and Hold – 10 S/A IC – 6″ and Hold – 5 S/A IC – 6″ and Hold)

Great job by everybody today! It’s hard to believe a year has passed since the Tankyard started. It is true, the workouts don’t get easier, you just get stronger.


Hermie has the Q this Thursday for Tankyard Anniversary Week Part 2!

10/18 is the date for the Anderson F3 launch. Send in emails with EHs in that area. The website is

Caviar is collecting used bikes to fix up and give to the homeless as a means of transportation.

Leatherneck Mudrun was a huge success this past weekend. The next mudrun will be in the spring.

Spinx Run is 10/25/14.

Prayer Requests:

Pray for Flay’s mom who is undergoing double knee replacement tomorrow (Wednesday – 10/08/14).


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