Anniversary Q – Year 5

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  • Workout Date - 10/24/2019
  • Q In Charge - SEAL
  • The PAX - Boomhauer, Brown Shorts, Shiner, Thumbelina, Carl's Jr, Gaucho
  • AO - Powder Keg

My 5th year with F3! Thank you for headlocking me all those years ago Brown Shorts! This has been one of the greatest tools in my arsenal as a man, father, friend, teacher and leader.

Warm ups:

50 SSH in cadence (high rep counts were a theme today) this effectively shutdown the #mumblechatter …temporarily. Carl’s Jr persisted in reminding me of our start time and to quit yapping.

25 merican’s in cadence (nobody was with me after 20)

19 mountain climbers (even the Q was getting fuzzy and winded)

The thang:

Mosey to the block pile.  44 guns with your coupon.

11 lower half curl. 11 upper half curl. 11 full range curl. 11 tricep extensions.

Fly-over – 10 burpees

Mosey to merlot hill. Jacobs ladder in true form. Burpees at the bottom. merican’s at the top. Climb to 7 reps. Then work your way down. Omaha around the point where most were coming down ladder. Props to Boomhauer for setting the pace. Not too shabby for an old geezer.  Shiner claims he was the pace-setter. YHC is not too sure who he was setting the pace for???

Roughly 9 Minutes of Mary.

50 Heels to Heaven (not Heavens, there is only one heaven)

50 Rosalitas (form was critiqued. wanna guess who is critiquing?)

20 flyover burpees (there was one during the Jacob’s Ladder that I did not see)  Everybody thank Brown Shorts for mentioning that.


Annoucements –  Harbison 50k in Januaury, Spinx run fest this weekend, Hope relay and Boot camp in November.

Prayers/Praises – Boomy’s family, Shiner’s family, Dr. Sanders’s family

WOD – Thank you for 5 years of being there for me brothers. You have been there for me during some very highs and very lows. I can always count on you men for some great shoulders to lean on.  I hope and pray for many more years to come.



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