Anniversary Day at Powderkeg

  • Workout Date - 06/27/2016
  • Q In Charge - Carl's Jr.
  • The PAX - Keystone, Taylor Swift, Tiny Dancer, Missing, Quaker, Gluten, Seal, Brown Shorts, 12th Man, Flow Rider, BOGO, Depends, Huggies, Padre, Abacus, Inspector Gadget, Stay Puft, Whoopie, Youkillis, Slug, G.I. Jane, Fargo, Adam Williams, FNG now Hose,Carl's Jr.
  • AO -

By pure chance, YHC would up with the Q on the second anniversary of Powder Keg.  I actually tried to pass it off to one of the founding guys, thinking it should be theirs.  Brown Shorts insisted that I keep it, so I tried to come up with some kind of clever idea around the 2 year thing.  My plan was to try and do a workout without using the number ‘two’, and actually taking a 10 burpee penalty if someone said it.  I knew the cadence thing would be a challenge and actually practiced it some.  Turns out I grossly underestimated the difficulty involved.  The first challenge involved PAX who actually wanted the 10 burpees, so they went ahead and blurted it out just to make us have to invoke the penalty.  Not calling any names, but Seal may have been involved in this.  When we tried to do the warmup, both the PAX and YHC had an enormously difficult time in staying together.  A smart man would have called an audible and changed the play, but not YHC.  Damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead!

Warm up was SSH, IW, windmills and at least 2 rounds of the 10 burpee penalty.  Cadence was non-existent, confusion reigned supreme.  General Custer would have been proud!

Indian Run over to the back corner of the church for YHC’s favorite new exercise, Burp & Merk!  Up to 7 and back down.

Indian Run to the block pile for some 21 Guns.  Tried to count together and trip the PAX up.  YHC got tripped up along with some others, not sure who.  Did three rounds, with 2 10 burpee penalties mixed in.

Indian Run down to the lower tier of the lot for Dora.  Missing describes it as Dora 1,2,3, so guess what?  10 more.  Dora was merkins, squats, and LBC, with the run up the tiers to the front of the church.  That was fun!

Jail Break to the flag with a couple of minutes left for Mary.  Common sense prevailed and YHC called off the ‘2’ penalty and we finished out with Flutters, Dollies and Rosalita, all in real cadence.

So, the whole ‘2’ thing was a bust, but we got 50 or so Burpees out of it, so it wasn’t all bad.  It was a real honor to have the 2 year anniversary Q.

Announcements were 7/23 Padre convergence at Star Command, New AO starting 7/4 at Wren High football field, Mondays & Wednesdays

Prayers were for Longbottom’s family dealing with cancer, Spicoli, Brown Short’s mission trip to Costa Rica (Donate at his Go Fund Me if you are so inclined), widow of Officer Jacobs

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