And You Thought #DarkCorner was Dark

  • Workout Date - 12/02/2023
  • Q In Charge - Iceman
  • The PAX - HardHat, Bartman, Medulla Oblongata, Alfredo, NSA, Grr, Seal, Mr Head, Bagman, Slap Chop, Pledge, Iceman
  • AO -

12 men posted at #RunaWaze to earn a big fat meal at lunch.

The Thang:

Mosey down Enoree towards Old Spartanburg. That’s right, no Sugar Creek today boys. Stop halfway for IW’s and merkins. @NSA was complaining about the darkness and needing a headlamp. Thought you were used to this at #DarkCorner

Back to the mosey, stopping at the church. Partner up….
P1 – Joe Hendricks up the steps
P2 – squats until P1 done
Flapjack and repeat for a total of 3 trips up the steps #BurbsFavorite

Leave the Church and take a right on Old Spartanburg. Alternating mosey and lunge walk until we get to Friendship Church. Someone said “playground” – that’s right, we’re headed to the playground.

P1 – 10 swerkins
P2 – plank
Flapjack and repeat for a total of 3 sets

Back to the Mosey right on Old Spartanburg and then right on S. Batesville. Reminder to the PAX that this is not a closed course #watchoutforcars. Continue alternating between mosey and lunges. @HardHat threatened me after the 3rd time we went into lunges……

Stop at the Firestation on S. Batesville
P1 – Big boy situps x20
P2 – Planks on P1’s feet
Flapjack and repeato

Mosey down S. Batesville to Canebrake – take a right on Canebreak Dr. Mosey to the bottom of the hill, stopping in front of @MrHead’s house for LBC’s. @Seal did his best to wake up the neighbors with his exuberant counting…..

Take a right on Saratoga Dr, I defied @HardHat and called for more lunges, mosey to the playground. Yes, another playground. Everyone find a bench and do 20 derkins, 20 dips oyo – then repeat.

Back to the mosey but this time we’re gonna Indian Run up Kings Mountain Dr. And it was a mountain as we climbed all the way til we hit S. Batesville rd.

Plank up while we wait on the 6, down and hold for a looonnnggg 10 count, then 20 squats oyo.

Mosey back to BVES for COT/BOM

Naked Moleskin:

– This workout was more bootcamp than running today. Good work by all
– We learned that @NSA and @HardHat don’t care for lunges
– It was reaffirmed that @Seal is crazy fit and just plain crazy
– We also learned that @Grr is taking @NSA to the F3 Holiday Party (to include – RSVP’ing for him, transportation, paying for entry and his beer) #Whataguy
– Good to have #TheStation and #PowderKeg represented this morning

– @HardHat’s brother on the mission trip to Ethiopia
– @Grr’s coworker and difficulties with adoption
– @GCOD’s trip to Asia and for his soon to be adopted son Dennis and his broken leg

– Holiday party is 12/12 – RSVP. You can pay at the door if you don’t PayPal.
– Vote for the F3 awards (even if you can’t make the party)
– Q schools upcoming – 12/15 at #MainThang & 12/17 at #TheStation

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