And Now for Something Completely Different!

  • Workout Date - 02/04/2015
  • Q In Charge - Tiny Dancer (YHC)/Keystone
  • The PAX - Brown Shorts, Boomhauer (Almost), Clapper, Red Wire (Respect)-WD, Slug, Quaker (Respect), Mr. Burns, Steamer, Twelfth Man, Missing, Duplo, Carl's Jr. (Respect), Padre, Flow Rider, Tiny Dancer (HateHateHate)-WB, Keystone (Almost), Swift (HateHateHate, LIFO)
  • AO -

The Larch.

What is this? Some odd form of the Al Gore, perhaps? No, it is the very first Monty Python workout (to YHC’s knowledge). And there was much rejoicing!

This was a special Q for two reasons. First, it was the first Q YHC has ever done based on any sort of theme. Second, YHC got to Q it with my 1.0, Keystone.

Warm-Up (As Q’d by Tiny Dancer):

30 SSH, IC; you should have seen that one coming

15 Windmills, IC

The Thang (As interchangeably Q’d by Keystone and Tiny Dancer):

Keystone: King Arthur Indian run around the Marathon Church Building, first right foot forward then left (check out the Exercise Directory if you don’t know what that is). Stop at the lowest set of steps.

Tiny Dancer: Killer Rabbit (bunny hop) up the steps. Ministry of Silly Walks (Elvis meets Forrest or lunge-walk across the lot) to the next set of steps. Rinse and repeat at each set of steps.

This was followed by Dora 1-2-5 (Three, Sir! No, five!).



500-SSH, single count

Keystone: the Spanish Inquisition (NOBODY EXPECTS THE SPANISH INQUISITION).

PAX hold six inches during 30-second audio clip introducing the weapons of the Spanish Inquisition: Fear, Surprise, Ruthless Efficiency, and an Almost Fanatical Devotion to the Pope.

Fear: Burpees, 20x

Surprise: Mexican Squats, 25x

Ruthless Efficiency: Flutters, 30x, IC

Fanatical Devotion to the Pope: Monkey Humpers, 35x IC

Next, it was time to Bring Out Your Dead: Wheelbarrow across the parking lot, flapjack, and return. Lots of fun, eh?

Finished with 7 or 8 MOM, PAX’s choice.



Drifter 6k, February 6th, you missed a mean one!

Clemson AO,launch, February 13th. EH your College-age acquaintances, friends, and enemies.

Prayers for Gluten in his mom’s passing.

A fellow in Boomhauer’s community group has kidney issues.

Slug’s friend has kidney cancer.

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