• Workout Date - 08/15/2017
  • Q In Charge - Affordable Care Act
  • The PAX - Boss Hog, Washer, Whisper, ATM, NYOPT, Cheesesteak, Footloose, Erector, The Muff, Short Barel, Mint Julep, Deflated, Copacabana, Sticky Willie, Ron Swanson, Pine Tar, Lionheart, Gymboree, Road Trip, The Commodore, Crab Legs, Sleazy Rider, Urban, ACA(YHC)
  • AO - Pitchfork

Monday mornings have an element of excitement.  They kick off the week and although it means the weekend is over, there is much anticipation of responsibilities and adulting.  Wednesdays are celebrated as hump day.  Some celebrate different than others.  Thursdays have that beginning of the weekend feel.  Fridays are just plain awesome.  I mean, you get to wear jeans at work.  What about Tuesdays???  Well, they’re meant to be weird.

24 men came out to welcome YHC back to the grind and the gloom after a week at the beach.  They expected me to be the hunted, but alas!  YHC has the Q so I will do the hunting (while gasping for breath).  My theme this morning is “Anchorman”.  It’s a book I’m reading now (should be done before the next eclipse).  It’s nothing like the movie.  More on that later…. now here’s what went down:

Mission and Disclaimer:  No signs of rust.  No FNGs, however I did manage a screaming EH at my friend who walks the campus in the mornings.   I wasn’t being rude.  I’m wearing him down… I can tell.



  • SSH x 25
  • Crab Cakes x 20
  • 10 Burpees OYO

The Thang

Glass Case of Emotion:  All exercise will be done within a narrow rectangle extending from one parking space to the parking space across the lot.

  • squats x 20/ star jacks x 20/ split jacks x 20/ lunge walk to other side. (Repeato back!)
  • blast off merkins x 15/  flutters x 25/ lateral burpees to the other side. (Repeato back!)
  • 17 Merkin Ladder.  It’s like a set of 17s only with merkins at every stop (1 to 17).
  • Parker Peters x 20/Maktahrs x 15/Burp n Merk to 5 merkins/Monkey Humpers x 20/lunges x 20/ then bear crawl to the other side (Repeato back!)
  • 5 MOM in Glass Case of Emotion (there’s no escaping until 6:15).  Flutters x 20, 15 big boys OYO, Mr. Miagis x 20



  • F3 Laurens is launching this weekend.  Please let these men feel the love and excitement of this great group by making the trip down there.  Please DON’T ask @Footloose about the details.  #Fuzzy
  • Gideons House graduation is tonight at 6PM at the house!  I am bummed I can’t be there, but please step up in my absence and make our presence felt!  These guys really appreciate us being there.


  • Lift @Sammy up for continued progress on recovery.
  • Ford Swinney ongoing health issues.
  • Lift @RickyBobby  up for family health issues.


  • I think we took up every single parking space today.  The numbers at #Pitchfork are impressive.  I blame @Whisper‘s forceful and sometimes abrasive leadership.  Good luck filling those shoes, @MintJulep!
  • The look on @Copacabana‘s face when he was introduced to his first YHC costume Q was priceless.  I thought he was going to leave for a second there.
  • Maktahrs were the #CrowdPleaser.  I know this because most of you were spectators.
  • Great to have @PineTar‘s 2.0, @Lionheart, out there this morning.  I’m glad I wasn’t next to her.  I felt bad enough as it was.
  • As always, I’m looking for any ideas to be a better Q.  If you have any suggestions, please click here.
  • Back to the Anchorman book I’m reading leisurely and mentioned in BOM.  Fewer and fewer families have Anchormen these days.   Steve Farrar discusses the impact of a father that roots his family in the truths of the Bible as well as the devastating effects of a father that does not.  The effort we make with our children and the example of a Christian marriage not only affects the next generation, but at least two following generations.  The further a family goes without that Anchorman, the further they will drift.

Thanks for being models of Anchormen, gents!  I love you all.  #OprahBomb


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