An Epic Launch in the Electric City

  • Workout Date - 11/22/2014
  • Q In Charge - Inspector Gadget
  • The PAX - Spongebob, Nyquil, Brown shorts, Mr. Belding, Roscoe P. coltrane, Gluten, Amp, Crunchy, Overdraft, Reese's Pieces, Inspector Gadget, FNG - Meter Maid (Daren Vaugh), FNG - ARod (JJ Taylor), FNG - SPAM (Kent Stellow)
  • AO -

It was my distinct honor to represent the Swamp Rabbit region for the 6th and final Anderson Launch workout as the QIC.  I know I speak for the entire Swamp Rabbit PAX, when I say these Anderson guys have exceeded our expectations right out of the gate.

I have TRULY been inspired not only by the S.R. PAX that did the heavy lifting for the launch, but especially by our new Anderson F3 brothers.

F3 Anderson, it has truly been my pleasure to get to know each of you. Do not hesitate to reach out to me or ANY of us, for any need or question you might have.  I’ll be dropping by in the future from time to time as well #mamapenn’spancakescallingmeback.

A solid core of Anderson guys have been to all or nearly all of the Saturday AND Wednesday workouts. Several have also posted regularly at Powder Keg as well.

Most impressive of all, these guys started a Wednesday workout barely a month into their launch, completely on their own without prodding from Greenville.  And just last Thursday, a group of the Anderson guys got up extra early to travel to Greenville to represent at the Toys for Tots convergence #epic.

Reese’s Pieces, the youngest PAX member in the upstate, at 12, was responsible for TWO FNGs, a 20 year old and a 51 year old #EHexcuseslayer.

Seeing the enthusiasm and energy of these newest F3 brothers first hand is just one more thing I am THANKFUL for at this Thanksgiving.   AYE!!

Warm Up:


Jackie Chans OYO 10

Burpees OYO 5

The Thang:

Mosey around the four corners of the field.

Ark Loader:

Bear crawl 10 yards; 10 Burpees; Crab Walk 10 yards; 20 Merkins; Bunny Hop 10 Yards; 30 squats; Crocodile Walk 10 yards; 40 Mountain Climbers; Frog Hop 10 Yards; 50 LBCs; Frog Hop 10 yards; 40 Mountain Climbers; Crocodile Walk 10 yards; 30 squats; Bunny Hop 10 yards; 20 Merkins; Crab Walk 10 yards; 10 Burpees; Bear Crawl 10 yards; Plank while waiting on the PAX.

Lunge down the hill and back up.

Bear Crawl down the hill and back up.

The PAX divided into two groups of seven. Each group circles up in plank position facing each other. Each PAX member completes merkins to exhaustion in turn, until the group completes 300.  YHC choose 300 because the AO (the Anderson Sports and Entertainment Center) is 300 acres.

In honor of the City of Anderson, the PAX lined up at the goal line and ran the length of the field 14.6 times to represent the 14.6 square miles within the city limits #almostaudibledtoPendletontownlimits.

Mosey to the playground. Divide into four groups of 3-4 each. Each group lined up single file at one of the pull-up bars. Each PAX member does 6 pull-ups then goes to the back of the line. If needed, the guy next in line assisted the guy doing pull-ups by pushing up on their ankles. Rinse and repeat but with one less pull-up each iteration (5,4,3,2) until the final set.  On the final set, each person goes to exhaustion.


Flutter, Dollys, Heels of Heaven, Star gazers, and (something else I have forgotten), each done at 15 or 20 counts.


FNGs : Three FNGs today, each of which endured the PAIN and embraced the suck like pros. Tclaps to Overdraft for the overachieving EHing.  See their names and F3 names in the Pax list.

Prayers:  Golden Sombrero whose mother and father are both battling cancer.

Praises:  Rocky Stop who is responding well to heart murmur medication.

Announcements: YHC briefly discussed and displayed ‘Freed to Lead’ to the PAX.  YHC also thanked each of the QICs that led the Anderson workouts.  That would include Slim, Brown Shorts, Sponge Bob, Flay, Iceman, and Bartman. YHC also spoke of how meaningful his own F3 experience has been and congratulated the Anderson PAX for their stellar performance over the last 6 weeks.

Brown Shorts presented the much deserved Shovel Flag on behalf of Swamp Rabbit to Overdraft!!

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  1. A real pleasure to work with all of these men. They earned their flag by showing leadership and starting their own weekday workout. This AO is relatively close to me so I will definitely be visiting soon. See you in the GLOOM!

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