An Aaroneous Assult of the Burbs

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  • Workout Date - 09/23/2023
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Today 6 packs braved temperature in the teens were led by Aaroneous the Gritch, still sore from Scuba’s beatdown and falling off the fence, in a land assult of The Burbs!

25 Side Straddle Hops (Scuba Steve Stye)
20 ATATs (that’s imperial walkers to you rebel scum)
Indian Run truncated by 20 Private Parts Toupees
15 Diamond Pushups

To the Soccer Pitch Partnered Up (I got Snowden are you kidding me) Four Corners
Piggy Backs the long ways
15 Peter Parkers
Lunges the Short Way
15 Diamond Push Ups
Piggy Backs the long ways
20 Werkin
Duck Walk
50 Long Beach Cities

Wheel Barrels
20 sum coming out of the grounds
Frog Jumps Short Ways
25 Plank Shoulder Touches
Bear Crawl/Wheel Barrels long way
15 diamonds
Duck Walk Short Ways

Piggy Backs
5 Burpees
Lunges I think?
10 Burpees
Piggy Backs
15 Burpees
Crab Walks
10 Jump Burpees

Off to the play ground remained in tactical teams 2 rounds of:
5 Pull-Ups (Weak Sauce but shoulders were spent)
10 Swirkins
15 Dips

Mary: Flutters 25, 15 Oblique Leg Ups P90 style, Something else I forget.

COT: Spicoli! Those who suffer in silence. Travelers!
Until Next Time

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