AMRAP Train crashes into Matinee!

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  • Workout Date - 08/10/2015
  • Q In Charge - Data
  • The PAX - Data, Grit, Mud Puppy, Third Base, Uncle Remus, Yoshi, Blue Gill
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When I saw Mab Mab post this workout in a recent Back Blast, I knew the Matinee Pax would love it. Several were fighting to not #Merlot, so it was a winner. This is going on my list of favorites for sure.

Windmills x15
Squats x10

The Main Thang:

The AMRAP Train-
90 seconds of exercise, run 1/10 of a mile (176 yards per Garmin)

Exercise 1: 90 seconds of Burpees-Run 176 yards
Exercise 2: 90 seconds of Shoulder Taps-Run 176 yards
Exercise 3: 90 seconds of LBCs-Run 176 yards
Exercise 4: 90 seconds of Merkins-Run 176 yards
Exercise 5: 90 seconds of Mountain Climbers-Run 176 yards
Exercise 6: 90 seconds of Flutters-Run 176 yards
Exercise 7: 90 seconds of Diamond Merkins-Run 176 yards
Exercise 8: 90 seconds of Werkins -Runt 176 yards
Exercise 9: 90 seconds of Box Cutters-Run 176 yards
Exercise 10: 90 seconds of Burpees- run 90 yards to Furman College Way

There was a little #mumblechatter when I called burpees again for the final exercise, but mostly people were too tired to complain.

Once we were back out on Furman College Way we went right into…

Catch Me If You Can: Uphill!

Starting at the bottom of Furman College Way one PAX begins w/ 3 burpees while other PAX runs backwards up the road. Once first PAX completes burpees, sprint after other PAX, when caught, that PAX drops for 3 burpees and the first PAX runs backwards. Repeat all the way back to the flag.

Once back at the flag we only had a minute or so left, so we filled it by running backwards up the steep Grassy Knoll.


This was a good one. Everyone was smoked. We will be seeing these again…

Prayers for Yoshi’s family.

Prayers for Grit’s friend.

Prayers for all the students and teachers heading back to school.


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