AMRAP Train comes to The Station

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  • Workout Date - 12/26/2015
  • Q In Charge - Data
  • The PAX - Play-Doh, Epee, Blue Hawaii, Perry Mason, Mr. Head, Padre, Alfred, Wally, Data, Tony Danza (FNG)
  • AO -

Saturday was my one year F3 anniversary. In celebration I made a rare visit to the AO where I got my start.


Windmills x15

IW x20

The Thang:

The AMRAP Train is one of my favorite workouts, and I was pretty happy to see it had not been introduced to the Station. Here is how it went down:

Exercise 1: 90 seconds of Burpees-Run partway around lake
Exercise 2: 90 seconds of Shoulder Taps-Run partway around lake
Exercise 3: 90 seconds of LBCs-Run ALL the way around the lake (changed it up here to relieve traffic)
Exercise 4: 90 seconds of Merkins-Run around lake
Exercise 5: 90 seconds of Mountain Climbers-Run around lake
Exercise 6: 90 seconds of Flutters-Run around lake
Exercise 7: 90 seconds of Diamond Merkins (#mumblechatter that maybe we could switch to legs)- Run around lake
Exercise 8: 90 seconds of Werkins -Run around lake
Exercise 9: 90 seconds of Box Cutters-Run around lake
Exercise 10: 90 seconds of Jump Squats since they wanted more leg work-Run around lake
Exercise 11: 90 seconds of Burpees- Run around lake

PAX seemed smoked, so I have them a chance to lay on their backs and rest– with Sally Up with leg lifts!

After Sally we rallied back by the flag for the ZOO OF PAIN:

Deep squat bunny hops

Deep squat duck walk

Bear crawls

Elephant Walk


Flutters x25

Freddy Merx x20

Plank 1 minute



Prayers for Perry Masons family

Prayers for Adam Wickliffe

Prayers for the refugees

The Drifter is coming up

Brew Ruck on 1/23/16

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