• Workout Date - 08/04/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mab Mab
  • The PAX - Nippler, Wifi, Sadiq, One Direction, Look Out Below, Inspector Gadget, Sushi, Officer Poncherello, Strange Brew, Noah, Soft Serve, Fred, Cocoon, Mab Mab (YHC)
  • AO -

YHC made his return to Golden Strip this morning and had 14 PAX eager for a beatdown. Don’t think they were too disappointed….It was certainly a SWEATFEST.

This is how it went.

Conditions: 72 degrees, humid, and perfect

Warm Up:
15 Merkins IC
20 Xs & Os IC
25 Imperial Walkers IC

The Main Thang:
Mosey to the field beyond the basketball courts.
AMRAP Express:
90 seconds of exercises, run the field (approx. 80 yards), 90 more seconds of exercises, and run back. The breakdown:
90 seconds of Merkins
Run the field
90 seconds of LBCs
Run the field
90 seconds of Squats
Run the field
90 seconds of Heels to Heaven
Run the field
90 seconds of Shoulder Taps
Run the field
90 seconds of flat foot jump
Run the field
90 seconds of Freddy Mercury’s
Run the field
90 seconds of Diamond/Wide Merkins (alternate as necessary)
Runt the field
90 seconds of Flutter Kicks
Run the field

Partner up:
20 Leg Throws Per Partner
Rinse and Repeat
Move to the grass:
20 Double count Plank Claps
Move back 1 foot-
20 More Double count Plank Claps

Run the field and back one last time-
10 Burpees

Head back to flags to meet Mary:

5 MOM:
20 Big Boy Sit Ups OYO
30 Oblique Crunches (15 each side)
10 Oblique Rockers from Elbow Plank
20 Dying Cockroach IC
90 seconds of LBCs- AMRAP

August 15th Michelin Run- sign up

August 22nd- Ultimate Convergence at Star Command- ultimate Frisbee F3 style- will post pre-blast this week

Teach Me Morpheus: Check it out for sure- F3 brothers started and is changing the ways of online learning. Contact if interested in getting involved or investing.

Prayers for Walker Phillips and Nail Pop and family

Praise for YHC selling house, prayers for inspection to go smooth, financial for building new house.


Great Coffeteria…and by the way- per our conversation- YHC hates ads, and had to watch a 30 second one to pull this video of Youtube. ARGGHHHHH.

Really enjoyed the visit to Golden Strip this morning. Was a good time seeing all the PAX, and meeting a few new ones. Inspector Gadget made an appearance and made the day even better.

Look forward to seeing you in the gloom!

God bless-
Mab Mab



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