Alternate Flight Plan

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  • Workout Date - 02/11/2020
  • Q In Charge - Cockpit
  • The PAX - Punchlist, Pine Tar, Peek a Boo, Roadtrip
  • AO - Pitchfork

5 PAX ignored Chris Justus’ threats of flash floods and  advice to fartsack this AM and decided to get after it… albeit an alternate flight plan under cover was filed to avoid getting too much water ingested in the engines.

Conditions: warmer than average for February, wetter than an umbrella in a rainstorm

Mission: check (like a pro…)

Disclaimer: check (not a pro…)


IC, 25 SSH, 20 Windmills, 25 Through the Tunnel, 25 overhead claps, 20 Moroccan Nightclubs, engine is plenty warm…


3 groups…  runway,  dumbbells, and exercises. Runway is the timer, rotate station each time, keep up w/ your sets, lets get it on.

Station 1 – w/ Dumbbells

curls x15, OH press x15, squats x15, triceps x15, rows x15 each side

Station 2 – w/o dumbbells

merkins x15, dips x15, squats x15, American hammers x15, Freddy Mercurys x15, Carolina dry docks x15

Staion 3 – Runway

run to the end and back; bear crawl down and run back; lunge walk down and run back; run down 5 burpees and run back

rotated after the runway leg and repeated until each group did about 6 or 7 rounds. hearts a pumping, lungs a breathing, sweat a dripping, real good stuff…

time to visit Mary…


flutter kicks IC w/ tempo

Good morning Dolly


American Hammers

Reverse Crunches

time to land this thang…


several running teams need runners, P200 and Ville to Ville, get some.

Prayer Requests: child John w/ head injury and family, healing and fast recovery; Mrs Peek a Boo’s uncle family, others unspoken,

This flight is cleared to land. Always an honor and thanks for flying the friendly skies. SYITG… Cockpit

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