Almost Freezing Temps?!?

  • Workout Date - 04/22/2021
  • Q In Charge - Grass Fairy
  • The PAX - Benign, Cyclone, Morning Wood, Red Ryder, Sadiq (Rucked)
  • AO - The Terminal

Not on my watch!

It was a dark and crisp morning. Temperatures were just above freezing. 274.817 Kelvin to be semi-precise. (35 degrees Fahrenheit)

Mission Statement: The mission of F3 is to plant, grow, and serve small men’s workout groups for the invigoration of male community leadership.

Disclaimer: Do I look professional to you? No? Good, modify as necessary as I am not one.

The Warmup:
SSH – 25 IC
IW – 25 IC
Windmill – 20 IC
TTT – 15 IC
LBAC – 10 forward 10 reverse IC
Overhead Arm claps – 25 IC
Moroccan Night Clubs – 20 IC

The Thang:
Moseyed to the picnic benches

Lets work on some legs and some arms!
Started off with 10 step ups with the right leg OYO
Afterwards, everyone was rewarded with 10 dips OYO
Repeat but with the left leg with some more dips!
Now lets do some side step ups 10 of them OYO
But instead of dips, lets do some derkins! 10 OYO
Repeat again but do the opposite leg this time and more derkins.

Now lets mosey over to the playground.

We were greeted with 7’s with squats and pull-ups.

We began the long journey over to the blocks and bus loop, but along the way, the guide got lost and called an audible.
We made the pit stop at the secret garden. Where we did a little more arms.
started with 10 standard merkins IC
Now lets put our feet a little up the wall and do 10 more derkins IC
Put your feet as far up as you are comfortable with and we will do 10 more derkins IC

After that escapade, we finished our mosey to the bus loop.

Grab yourself a coupon! Choose wisely!
We did an AMRAP with a runner as a timer.

Started off with weighted squats. I figured it would be fun and fine to have everyone do the squats, so the first PAX took off running while the remaining PAX did the work, buuuut everyone had to keep squatting while the next PAX took off. Keep those glutes and legs strong! We waited for all PAX to have a chance to run before we took a recovery.

Up next, we did overhead presses while the PAX ran. Round and round the circle we went until all PAX had a chance to run while everyone else did the work.

After that, let’s do some more legs. No coupon required for this one. PAX did lunges while the timer ran. Keep the avalanche going until the last PAX has run.

Finally let’s finish with some curls-for-the-gurls! Same modus operandi with our timer running.

Put the coupons back and mosey the long way back to the shovel flag.

When we arrived back, we had plenty of time for some Mary.
Let’s start off with some LBCs 25 IC
Follow that up with Freddy Mercuries 20 IC
Move over other countries, it’s time for some good old American Hammers 20 IC
Well now we are going to have to prepare for some water exercise. Boats and Canoes! Did it until we couldn’t and we lost count.
Let’s prepare to be some spies with one round of Jame’s Bond. 10 seconds aiming to the left, 10 seconds aiming down the middle, and 10 seconds aiming to the right.
Last but not least, elbow plank until 6:15. (about 30 seconds)

Count off and Name-o-Rama: 5 PAX strong and 1 Rucker

Red Ryder’s grandmother has 94 years of experience on this planet, but is having a decline in health. Prayers for comfort and peace to her and the family.
Prayers for Sadiq for a speedy recovery and the ability to stave off the blood clot issue he had a few weeks back


Grass Fairy