All In Clemson Tigers @ Market Madness

  • Workout Date - 12/30/2015
  • Q In Charge - Whoopee
  • The PAX - Gutshot, Youkilis, Gluten, Duplo, Flowrider, Carls' JR, Seal, Whoopee (YHC)
  • AO -

On Monday, when YHC offered to take the Q for today’s workout, the weather forecast was for buckets of rain.  YHC is known for liking to play in the rain, so it was no surprise that Gutshot issued a Twitter plea to keep the insanity in check (hmmm, nobody wants to roll in the puddles before work????).  With aforementioned plea in mind, and in honor of tomorrow’s game, a 0.0 workout was devised.

Eight brave PAX avoided the fartsack and showed up promptly at 5:30.

Of note, somehow Gluten, after being reminded not to lock his keys in the car, promptly locked his keys in the car.

Luckily, the rain held off till the end of the workout and we didn’t spend the whole workout under the bank teller shelter.

The Warmup:

SSH IC x 20

IW X 20 IC

Mosey a lap around the Market


Need to start off strong to demonstrate ALL-IN-ness, so YHC calls for

Jumpin Jack Burpee Pyramid 4:1

So, 1 Burpee followed by 4 SSH IC, then 2 Burpees followed by 8 SSH, you get the picture – up to 7 and back down, a total of 49 Burpees and 196 SSH’s.  #MidwifeNoises #Cobains

SEAL heard ALL-IN, but he demonstrated ALL-OUT a few times by contaminating the AO’s air quality multiple times during the workout.  #SHART?  Apparently this is normal after a freezer clean-out cornucopia meal at Casa de Craddock?

Now, it is on to the CLEMSON TIGERS portion of the workout.

The Thang:

C – Colt .45 moded to Colt .30 – 10 half bicep curls with block, 10 upper half bicep curls with blocks, 10 full curls with block

L – LBC’s x 30

E – Erectors x 25

M – Merkins IC x 15

S – Snow Angels x 20 IC

O – OYO Burpees x 10

N – Nolan Ryan’s x 15 each arm IC

Break for a mosey lap around the market, Youkilis decides to Larry Bird the lap and the whole thing turns into something more than a mosey.

T – Tempo Merkins IC x 10

I – Imperial Squat Walkers x 20

G – Genuines x 5 (first time trying this exercise and needed a G – heavy coupon)

E – Erectors x 25

R – Race – Since the PAX were so enthusiastic about the last mosey lap, let’s have a 4×400 race.  Two teams of four, one person from each team runs, while the other three plank it up.  T-claps to everyone for killing their lap

S – Six MOM – flutters, pretzel crunches, side dips (these are true oblique – killers, Thanks Flowrider)


1/1 Friday Convergence at the Mothership, contact Seal if you want to clown-car.

1/1 Friday Convergence at Pitchfork

1/23 Convergence with Ft Hill PAX

2/13 Launch for Clemson at Bowman Field

Praise for Gluten’s mother’s recovery and hospital discharge

Prayers for Roid’s MRI results/illness

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this fine group of PAX this morning – Whoopee out.


1 thought on “All In Clemson Tigers @ Market Madness”

  1. Will someone please break the trend of ‘mega-rep SSH”? My damn ankles are killing me! 3 workouts this week that I’ve posted to have Q’s that like triple digit Cankle Jibblies.

    Other than that, great workout Whoopee! Sorry bout the chemical warfare training drill (Gas Gas Gas). Cropdusting the PAX once in a while is just how I leave my mark on a good #smokefest

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