All (devil-)dawgs go to heaven

  • Workout Date - 12/02/2023
  • Q In Charge - Longbottom
  • The PAX - Earth Mover, IG, Caliendo, JK2, Gilligan, Double Windsor, Clip-on, FNG- Qeso (Joshua Wilbourne), Present, Spackler, and Longbottom, The Hard Hat
  • AO -

Yes I am 4 days late with this backblast, sorry!!  From what I remember it was Feb 19, cold and no rain!  Typical for the dog pound now, our locals arrive early and eagerly await the veteran F3er’s who arrive on two wheels with a minute or so to spare.  Unless you are gadget you arrive after warm up because who need to warm up, right?

Warm up

lots of motion to get the blood moving and the muscles warm.  Also time talk about F3 and throw in the disclaimer for the FNG.

SSH, Predator Jacks, SuperStars, Arm Circles, Slow merkins, Lbc’s, and burpees  that was about it.

YHC wanted “The Hard Hat” to add his sound effects for the PJ’s and SS’s.  Hope he didn’t scare off the newbies!!!

The Thang

Mosey to TRUMC (0.25 mi)- my home church for my formative years.  The place where i was baptized and confirmed!  Thus the title of this W/O

stop at corner of 276 and McElhaney for 20 dips- 15 derkins- 10 dips- 5 derkins

Arrive at TRUMC

Circle up for some pain.

10 x 3 (10 burpees every minute for 3 minutes)

Jack webb 1 to 4 …. 10 to 40 (merkins and air presses)

Lt. Dan 1 to 4 … 10 to 40 (squats and lunges)

We alternated between JW and LD and mixed in 40 more burpees and a core break

Core Break- LBC, Erector medley, Flutters, Dolly’s,  Big boy sit-ups

Mosey pack to the park

stop and corn again for 20 more dips

Circle up at Gateway park

10 burpees

SSH x 30 IC



Great job by FNG Qeso.  This was a tough one to start on.  As we say, the w/o will not get any easier but you will get stronger.  Thanks for Caliendo and EM, and IG for sweeping and keeping us all together!.

Announcement and Prayers

The Dog Pound meeting point will move to parking lot across the football field starting next week.

Clemson has launched, get out and support their build up.  Lots of 5K’s and other runs coming up.

Present lost his Grandfather this week so lift him and his family up in prayer (he lived a good long life!!).  LB’s Grandmother fell and broke a couple of ribs.  Clip-on Grandmother also fell and prayers for recovery.  Prayers for safety for all the tree service guys training up in the trees this week!.


All always it was and pleasure to lead and to follow you gentlemen!

LB- out!

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