Alfred and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Q

  • Workout Date - 10/03/2023
  • Q In Charge - Alfred
  • The PAX - Blue Hawaii, Slap Chop, Perry Mason, No Strings Attached, Iceman, Grrr, Stuart Smalley, Zip-It, Alfred, Bagman, Homeward Bound, Play-Doh
  • AO -

Ok, maybe it wasn’t that bad based on the “Good Q”, “Thanks Alfred”, texts, etc., but it seemed the forces were against me today. But anyways, here’s what went down:

In case you are unfamiliar with RunAWaze, it’s known as a “Pearls on String” workout. You run (the string) and stop occasionally for exercises (pearls). We’re on a budget today, so we’re going to have more string than pearls, and our pearls are going to be small.

Alfred speeds into the parking lot at least a minute late for his own Q. Meanwhile, Ice is leading the group in laps around the lot to stay warm. YHC graciously takes over and heads out onto S Batesville¬†Rd, also known as the Greer Speedway. On many occasions during OC we have witnessed cars drastically exceeding the speed limit and have even had expletives thrown at us while running, but that’s a different story.

YHC leads the PAX towards the parkway on the right-hand sidewalk. Eventually we arrive at Sugar Creek and the #mumblechatter starts. “You’re supposed to run on the left side of the road. True dat, YHC underestimated how far it was to the Sugar Creek entrance. But anyway, let’s do some merkins in cadence, then some flutters in cadence. “It’s too cold to get on our six”, says the man of Ice.

Continue running through Sugar Creek, but take a left headed towards Devenger Rd. Make a pit stop at the Sugar Creek entrance for some more pearls. 10 Derkins on the curb, followed by 20 squat jumps OYO. Continue running and take a right onto Devenger while Ice warns of the danger of cars on said road. Sure enough, as soon as we turn onto Devenger, a car comes up on our six and splits the PAX. Thankfully no one was squashed.

YHC proceeds to take a left on Springhead Way (the wrong road). Turn everyone around and thanks to the assistance of Bagman, we locate the correct road, Father Hugo. Ice says this is bringing up bad memories of BRR training… Continue down Father Hugo stopping at the peak of Father Hugo for some plank work. Back to running, finally reaching our destination at the bottom of the hill on Thornblade Blvd.

YHC thought in his infinite wisdom that we should try the semi-successful work from yesterday. Partner up. Partner 1 does 5 burpees while partner 2 backpedals up the extremely long hill. Partner 1 then runs to tag Partner 2 and switch. This time YHC instructs the PAX to burpee on the sides of the road and backpedal up the middle to avoid any collisions like yesterday…

Welp, somewhere on the way up the hill we encounter another car throwing a wrench into things, and then we had a couple of collisions with PAX. D@#n it! YHC gets a much deserved earful about how dumb that workout it. Yep, that one has been removed from my list forever. Audible to lunge walk instead of backpedal. Before reaching the top of the hill there’s a PAX revolt and we audible again to a mosey to the top of the hill.

More pearls at the top of the hill. Diamond Merkins and Dollys. Time to head back to the AO. Run back the way we came, stopping 1/3 way up the Father Hugo hill for some up/down plank work. On 3rd trip back up YHC informs the PAX to sprint to the top of Father Hugo. NSA absolutely beasted it. That was a bad idea. My energy tank just popped a gas light.

Stop at the Sugar Creek entrance, where we are met by yet another car. Iceman believes the feds are tailing me. Continue our run back with one more stop. Fearing a lynching, YHC asked if it was ok if we did 5 burpees. We did and we fished our run back to Buena Vista arriving about 06:15:30. Good work everyone. We ended with 3.5 miles today.

Prayers & Announcements

  • Pray for Iceman’s coworker with aggressive cancer
  • Pray for Blue Hawaii’s uncle having surgery
  • 4 Days left to get your F3 Kathmandu shirts
  • Register for the drifter 6k before 1/7 to guarantee a shirt. F3 discount code is “F3”.
  • 2nd F lunch at Wild Ace starting back on 2nd and 4th Thursdays each month. Grrr offered to lead a short devotion afterwards as well.
  • Swamp Rabbit Half – 2.27 (Bueller)

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