ALERT…This is your last issue!

  • Workout Date - 10/13/2015
  • Q In Charge - Spongebob
  • The PAX - Caviar, Stewie, PETA, San Diago, Dollywood
  • AO -

Cobain’s in advance for the late posting…i’m a little rusty…

YHC has been traveling a lot which has been detrimental to my attendance and has allowed the convenience of fartsacking to be too comfortable.  What do ya know….early edition needs a Q and YHC needs some motivation to make it out in the AM.

With all the travel, I’ve been lazy and not renewed my subscription to Men’s Health.  This means I get a gold or red envelope every day telling me that if I don’t renew…i’m going to get fat and miss out on all of the fashion suggestions that require me to take out a second mortgage on my house.  Thankfully, the folks at MH also post on the Twittah and I can get some good suggestions for workouts…

6 came…it wasn’t the best they’ve ever had, but they were satisfied….

SSH X 25
IW X 20

Mosey to falls park…say hello to the 7 minute Spinx pace club at Starbucks (Mega, Highlights, Houdini, Hootie) on the way

The PAX are all in agreement that Justin Bieber’s new song is quite catchy and we should not be ashamed to listen to it.

The Thang

1 Round is the completion of all 5 exercises.  You can split however you’d like, but you don’t stop moving until you’ve done the 250 reps.
50 Merkins
50 Squats
50 Mountain Climbers
50 LBCs
50 SSH’s
When finished, bear crawl up the hill and jog back to plank

Mosey out of the park and down the hill running alongside the governor’s school to the roundabout (which happens to be very popular in the Europe)

Round 2 – Same 5 exercises, 50 reps
When finished, run up the hill to the falls park bridge and back down to the roundabout
60 second hold of erectors in the erect position

Round 3 – Same 5 X 50
When finished, run all the way up the hill to the other roundabout at the Governor’s school (hill was longer than I thought) and mosey back to falls park
60 second hold of erectors in the erect position

Mosey up the stairs in falls park towards main st.  (say hello to the 530 crew on liberty bridge)

AT the fountain
10 X Bulgarian Split Squats right leg
10 X BSS’s left leg

Mosey back up to the flags

20 X Russian Twists
20 X Dead Cockroaches
10 X backwards crunches
Cobra Stretch

Naked Moleskin
– Huge shoutout to the efforts helping Columbia and all donations
– Huge shoutout to the golf tournament success
– Spinx Run Fest going on – Spongebob is going to be parked somewhere near Mac’s with shovel flag and cooler of beverages to spectate…come on out and cheer!
– Prayers for Caviar’s wife and family having to relive past family issues that want to be left behind
– Prayers for YHC’s wife who’s needing some simple surgery but will be uncomfortable until they can get it scheduled

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