Affordable Care Act's Tea Party

  • Workout Date - 07/17/2015
  • Q In Charge - Affordable Care Act
  • The PAX - Hooch, Hulk Smash, Bambi, Homeward Bound, Whisper, Lookout Below, Third Base, The Situation, Dr. Phil, Tedediah, Barney, Affordable Care Act (YHC)
  • AO -

Conditions:  Perfect.  I’m guessing this is the only season when the gloom is preferred.

Okay, apparently tank top Friday isn’t taking off.  Only two tankers this week and one of them is YHC.  Lets try one more time.  Leave your order in the comments section.

One dozen PAX did not go softly into that gentle weekend.  Nay, they crept up on their collective alarm clocks like… (skip ahead to 1:15).


Boom!  Take that, fartsack!  Let’s see how the others did avoiding the sack….


Let’s hope the franks stayed above the beans…

Warm Up

Hillbilies X 25 IC
Carolina Dry Docks X 16 IC

The Thang

I wanted to push the PAX a little farther this week and needed motivation.  YHC (Affordable Care Act)  took a note from The Waterboy’s playbook and just pictured the PAX as some Constitution-loving red-staters.  The rest was history.

Knock Knock.
America Who?
Trick question. Freedom always rings.

Mosey over to the basketball court with weights. In honor of it being the 17th of July, let’s start out with a set of 17s (8 and a half laps from sideline to sideline). Our goal was 2 minutes or we would try again. We made it in 1:33 so I knew there was plenty of gas in the tank.

Elevens.  Start with 10 merkins on one sideline.  Carry weights while doing Touchdown Lunges to the other sideline.  Manmakers are waiting for the PAX on the other side.  Torque Twist Lunges on the way back.  Repeato until 1 merkin/10 manmakers.

Audible:  I figured this would get old, but the level of suck was a bit higher than anticipated and we have more muscle groups to exhaust.  Recover mosey to the track after 6 merkins/5 manmakers!

Forties (Bis and Tris):  Half of the PAX went a quarter lap one way, half went a quarter lap the other way with their weights.  Bicep side started with 30 reps.  Tricep side started with 10 reps.  OYO, half lap sprints in between stations until the reps flip to 30 triceps and 10 biceps.  It’s beach season, boys.

Finish the Elevens!  Start over with the 5 merkins/6 manmakers, leaving the weights at the manmaker station and performing the lunges without weights.  You’re welcome, campers.

0 MOM: We finished the 3 merkins/8 manmakers at around 6:17.  The PAX were encouraged to engage their core with the lunges in order to multitask.

COT:  Prayers for a safe trip to Edisto for Third Base (A Third Base Q free week is a vacation for all of us).  Praise for Hulk Smash‘s VBS being a great success.

Announcement:  There have been conversations about a Fall CSAUP.  Early suggestions point to a possible “Jackalope” type event for the AOS around Mauldin and/or Five Forks.  Be thinking of suggestions and pass them on to Bambi as he is a part of the event planning committee.  I’d love to show those Downtown folk some real hospitality.

Ye Olde Moleskin:

  • I failed to add “Bambi Waters his Garden” to my Weinke.   My apologies to Bambi’s kidneys.
  • Our War Daddy was Hulk Splash… I mean Hulk Smash.  There was a touch of merlot Friday  morning, but not because the workout was demanding.  He pushed himself and it was noticable.  Great job, Hulk!
  • Marky Mark starter kit weights from the late 80s are not fun to chase into the woods after they roll off the track.  I need to get kickstands for those things.
  • Homeward Bound gets a shoutout for coming to the “kettlebell” workouts (three weeks in a row) from across town with no other motive than to get better.
  • I tried to stay away from both Hooch‘s briar patch and Third Base‘s briar patch.  It turned out to benefit no one…. and everyone.

Great job, guys.  See you in the gloom.



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