Adult Recess

  • Workout Date - 12/03/2023
  • Q In Charge - Caviar and Iceman
  • The PAX - Domer Simpson, San Diago, Caviar, Iceman
  • AO -

4 men posted at #Legacy to have some fun in the rain. Something about the rain that brings the kid out in all of us. Smaller numbers mean there’s no where to hide – and this was a double Q #beatdown.

The Thang:

10 Burpees
15 Lunges
20 Imperial Walkers
25 Merkins
30 Plank jacks
35 Side Straddle Hops

Let’s mosey for #pearlsonastring
Stopping for a #smurpee escalator (smurpee = 4:1 smurf jacks / burpees)
Started at 3 and stopped 2 more times (4 and 5).
Also stopped twice for LBC 2.0’s

Backwards run up #OneD’s hill and then mosey to the pavilion for 11’s
Derkins and dips

**Handoff to Caviar**
Mosey to the backside of the playground where Caviar continued the #beatdown….

Smurpee to 6

Then mosey (mostly off road) through the new neighborhood, sprinting down the tiered tracts of mud and grass until we got to the bottom.

11’s on a hill
merkins (switch to diamonds halfway thru) bear crawl up – fairy jacks at the top

Mosey further down into the neighborhood (watch your footing – lots of soft spots and rocks)

Once back on asphalt – John Travolta’s x15

Walking Toy Soldiers

Mosey back up the hill to the top – Cumberland county viaducts X10 on each side (@SanDiago and @Caviar when #calistyle)

Mosey to the entrance/exit of the neighborhood and broad jump up the last 20 yds then fast mosey back to the circle.


6″, slow ct dollys,6″, slow ct rosalitas, 6″ (without dropping your feet)


Naked Moleskin
– Between the weather and guys heading to Cola, I wasn’t surprised with small numbers
– But working out in the rain is fun, especially when it’s not cold
– @DomerSimpson and @SanDiago #doubleddown #beasts

– For all people impacted by the flood and for F3’s leadership during this disaster
– For F3nation as PAX travel from all over to Cola to help with the relief efforts

– @DomerSimpson hard committed to the Harbison 50k and #BRR 9 man team
– Checkout the 2 newest AO’s – #Gideon’sHouse (downtown) and #RunAwaze (eastside)
– Tclaps to @Latka for organizing a great golf tourney last Thursday. @GCOD won on and off the course

See ya in the gloom….


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