Adios March

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  • Workout Date - 03/31/2016
  • Q In Charge - Flay
  • The PAX - M&M, Foie Gras, Montross, Tabloid, Homeward Bound, Beamer
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… and March came and went faster than I could have expected. A fair amount of travel, generous fartsacking, and catching the trial bug have kept me away for most of the month.

Nothing like signing up to Q to keep me honest.

6 TankYardigans two-wheeled riiiiiiiiiiight at 0530 to finish the month off right.

Warm Up

B.L.I.M.P.S. (burpees x 5 / lunges x 10 / IW x 15 / merkins x 20 / plankjacks x 25 / squats x 30)

Montross sneaks up out of the black hole about halfway through to bring our numbers to 7

Mosey down to the shelter / split in two groups

BiatchBench Circuit

Group one knocks out 10 biatchbenches while group 2 performs an exercise AMRAP till group 1 finishes. Flapjack, rinse, repeato for 5 rounds

Rounds 1 & 2 : Jump squats

Rounds 3 & 4: Bigboys

Round 5 : Jump squats


Circle up

Dan Taylor Pyramid

Up to 5 squats / 20 lunges and back down

Mosey down the hill around the path.

Careful on the hill. #NoQuads

Backpedal up the hill to the playground

Hamster Wheel

Pullups x 2 and then run around the playground. Rinse repeato AMRAP for 8 minutes.

No idea how many rounds were completed, but Foie Gras marveled us at his ability to levitate. No #soccerarms on that boy.

Mosey back to the courts


Flutters x 20 IC

Oblique LBCs (right leg) x 20 IC

Oblique LBCs (left leg) x 20 IC

Bigboys x 20

Done. May have missed something but you get the idea


  • HOG day 4/30
  • Prayers for the Reynolds family.
  • Prayers/praise for Beamer as he gets ready to tie the knot
  • Need more leaders, and looks like Foie Gras will be stepping up to kick our ass sooner rather than later

Sorry for the brief, post, but gotta get it in before we completely forget.

Pax Propter Vim.

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