Addition through Division

  • Workout Date - 07/21/2014
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - Tesh, Johnny 5, Bill Nye, Double Ought, Oui Oui, Holla, Sherpa, Mallwalker (Respect!), a few others with apologies for the phone issues
  • AO -

13 PAX kept their routine for Get Movin Monday at the Burbs. Day 1 of the Burbs’ split so YHC wasn’t sure how many we’d have. Turns out it was perfect and the “addition by division” rule is in full force!

The Thang

Warmup with

15 IW IC

Mosey around the church to the “Dora Hill” area where we found some coupons waiting in the form of cinder blocks. Form up in teams of 3. Partner one does overhead carry of the coupon up the hill and back while others perform some exercises.
3-Step ups
Rinse and repeat so everyone has 2 opportunities to cash in the coupon.

Take turns with 15 deep squats with the coupon while partners SSH. Coupons stored behind the mobile classroom for future use

Mosey up the hill to Golden’s “green” for 10 count. From the Green take a lap around the church then perform the following:
15 Hand Release Merkins (HRPU)
20 WWII sit ups
20 Squat
20 Lunges (double count per Double Ought)

Take another lap then rinse and repeat the exercises

Mosey to top of parking lot. Shuffle, Shuffle Squat the length of parking lot changing sides every 3rd squat

More Flutters
6 inches

-Q School at Main Thang tomorrow. If you’ve been coming for awhile and haven’t Q’d give it a shot. You’ll be happy you did!
-Tydre fund approching $400. We will contact his father and give him this donation to help with their expenses. Thanks to everyone for helping with this!
-MudRun signups extended. Make Flay happy and sign up
-Graceland launching Thursday at Grace Church on Pelham!

Always a pleasure to have the Q. See ya in the Gloom


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