• Workout Date - 08/12/2019
  • Q In Charge - Sprinkles
  • The PAX - Lt. Dangle, UP, Turban, Whisper (R), Church Lady (R), Franzia, CBD, Roadtrip, No Show, Hot4Teacher, Ofer Quattro, Hasselholf (R), Pitbull, Cocoon, and Mac
  • AO - Tower of Terror

Conditions: Like putting on a plastic bag, this made the VQ feel better because everyone was already sweating.

16 helped teach the VQ some LDP and the three that wanted to run decided to stick around and play. Plenty of fun was had while listening to all 39 minutes of “The Black Album” by Metallica for the album’s 28th anniversary.

Mission statement: Read from the phone with only a hiccup or two.

Disclaimer: Read like a lawyer

Warm up:

SSH x 30

Don Quixotes x 20 (Cadence? This is going to be interesting)

The Thang:

Two lines of Indian runs down the road to the  big church lot, skip the blocks today. Circle up for some Deconstructed Burpees starting at ten and work down.

Mosey back to the flags, no we’re not done!

Ciabatta LBC 8 sets of 20sec on (do as many as you can) rest for 10sec.

Mosey to the head and look for Live PD. Wall sit for 1 min then plank for a 1 min (repeat)

Mosey to the memorial we need some more cardio.


To the pad on your six for American Hammers – 30 I think the Q is starting to figure out this cadence thing a little bit but the backlist will be interesting. Try some Flutter kicks – 20 and now there is a lot of mumble chatter.

Mosey to the flags for some TOT Yoga but the BDS decided to sprint past the ice cream station worried sprinkles would stop for ice cream.


5th anniversary for #TheStation, 7am on Aug 24 @ Greer City Park @F3Greer

Lt. Dangle signed up for the Iron Pax Challenge put on by F3 Greenwood. TOT will be doing the assigned Virtual Workouts on Wednesdays, workouts announce on Twitter each Sunday in September @F3IronPax sign up HERE before you forget.


Priscillas mini-me surgery this week

Church lady’s friend has back surgery

Whisper’s friend dealing with prostate cancer

Prayer for teachers heading back to school


Thanks for putting me on the #TOT railroad, I will let you know when I want to drive it again.


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