Ab-burger Hill

  • Workout Date - 10/23/2014
  • Q In Charge - Domer Simpson
  • The PAX - Gluten; Brown Shorts, Quaker, Hook and Ladder, Crunchie, Poodle, Domer Simpson
  • AO -

With another brisk morning, we remember that winter is coming!  It is time to dig out the cold weather clothes because F3 doesn’t call in for a snow day.  Personally YHC is excited for another excuse to wear tights.  But, even with sweater season nearly upon us we can always use strong abs and core. Which was priority one for today’s workout.

25 SSH
25 IW
10 4ct Merkins

Mosey Around Church the long way to the stairs.
10 Burpies
Joe Hendrix backwards run between steps.

Mosey to hill for Ab Ripper F.  Perform 25 reps of the exercise, sprint to top of hill and complete 5 Merkins. Return to bottom of hill regroup for next exercise.
In & outs
Forward bicycles
Reverse bicycles
Crunchy Frogs
Cross Leg Wide Leg sit ups
Big flutter kicks
Heels to Heaven
Pulse Ups
V up roll ups
Side Crunches
Other side crunches
Leg climbs or 1/2 dead cockroaches
25 double count Russian twists.

Mosey back to shovel flag.
We had 7 minutes for Mary but the abs were blasted so I had to come up with some other stuff….
25 High Knee Jumps
10 double hand release merkins (pick up hands on bottom and top of pushup)
Zombie Walk down to stairs.
Bear Crawl Back
20 4ct Deep Squats
10 hand release high knee jump Burpies.

Announcements:  If you aren’t getting the email let us know so you can receive the rest of the announcements.

Prayer Requests: Travelling mercies for Gluten & family and Crunchie’s business trip.  Our F3 brethren who have recently lost families.  Poodle challenged us to recognize our selfishness and put our wives and other people before ourselves.  Be 3rd.

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