A WO so good you'll forget your age!

  • Workout Date - 06/06/2017
  • Q In Charge - Youkilis
  • The PAX - Slug, T-Bag, ITry, Steamer, and Youkilis (YHC)
  • AO -

Observations: Muggy and about to rain, but Steamer brought coupons and that is always Great!

Comments: YHC had nothing planned so it was all just made up on the fly.  So if YHC missed anything or over exaggerate anything, from this day forward this is how it will be recounted.

The warm up:

20 x SSH -IC, 20 x M.C – IC, 10 x ‘Merkins – IC, 20 x Carolina Dry Dock – OYO

The thang:

Inspired by the Jackalope III,YHC decided to call a Ray Lewis (52 Burpees), but the pax revolted so YHC worked a compromise.  I’ll break up the burpees in groups of 10 and mix other fun stuff in the middle and they won’t leave.  So as promised our first set of 10.

Mosey to the basketball court for… Suicides that right!  T-bag tried to roll an ankle to get out of it.  Then to 10 more burpees to help catch your breath after the suicides.  So now that we are all rested, we mosied a little further to main street and lined up for the dirty thirty calf extensions.   Now that the calves were on fire YHC decided to mosey further and check the church sign for the time, since we all forgot our watches today.  Still way to much time left and we were by the church steps so I decided to fake out the pax with… you guessed it 10 more burpees.  But seriously we were at the steps so we had to Joe up them and then Joe down them.

Getting a little far from base and the rain seeming eminent, YHC decided head back to the park, we were heading down some dark roads so we circled for the 6 often.  Back in the park and what does YHC behold, light pole row!  1 burpee at each light, lets get to getting, up to 40 burpees now.  Back to the cars we unloaded the blocks from Steamers truck and were one short so we made the fireman carry the hose.  21 gun salute, 7 low, 7 high, 7 full but YHC was not sure if all the weights were the same so I decided to use a runner to time when to switch blocks while we all keep doing arm exercises.  Afraid we were running out of time we got in 10 more burpees and then went to our six for Mary. We did a little bit of this and a little bit of that, enough for it to get difficult for me to call cadence, then 2 burpees for our 52 requirement and back to I-Try’s jeep for a time check. Much to the pax’s dismay I-Try was honest and let us know that we still had 5 more minutes of fun to be had.  So a hot lap around the park, 10 Monkey humpers – IC, then finish with a ‘Merkin wave up to 5.

Time was called!  Count off and Name-O-Rama, Slug without missing a beat calls out an age 10 years less than actual, so a 10 burpee was paid!

A: Dave’s Run 6/10, discount code F3; Go Ruck custom 6/9 and 6/10.

P: T-Bags sister-in-law and Youkilis dad

As always it was a pleasure.


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