A Tour Of Greer

  • Workout Date - 03/12/2016
  • Q In Charge - Cockroach
  • The PAX - Shep, Almond Joy, Wally, Blue Hawaii, Cockroach (YHC)
  • AO -

4 men beat the #fartsack and went on a tour of Greer that included enough running to make @PerryMason proud.

Warm Up

SSH IC x 15

Imperial Walker IC x 15

The Thang

Run to the top of the park for some dips and derkins.  @Shep did some diamond derkins for extra credit.  Move on to the Wild Ace parking lot for 20 reclined pullups on the bars and 25 LBCs IC.  Do 10 more pullups and then head back to the streets.

Run on up Poinsett to the intersection of Poinsett and Main for 50 SC flutters while plenty of cars were at the intersection to watch.  Continue to Greer FBC for 10 squats, Joe Hendricks to the top for 10 more squats.  #Mumblechatter was heard here from @AlmondJoy voicing the obligatory disdain for Joe.  YHC agreed, but Joe commenced nonetheless.

Mosey on up to the Mortuary and over to the dips/derkins bar beside the garage.  20 dips, 10 derkins, bear crawl to the other side of the next row of parking spaces for 25 LBCs.  Bear crawl back for a rinse and repeat.  Crank out 20 squats and back to the streets again.

Drop at the corner of North & Church for 10 superman merkins.  Mosey down Church, left on Ballenger (nature break for YHC) and around the Memorial FLC to find some coupons. Some #mumblechatter about this being a #RunAWaze workout… @AlmondJoy remarked that it was too late (7:20ish) in the workout to use coupons.

Everyone grab a coupon for and head on over to the parking lot.  Chest press V up’s were done in cadence and then…

Some volunteers with the Greer STEP program (www.greersoupkitchen.com/shelter) were preparing for a meeting at the church and needed some help carrying supplies in.  The PAX obliged by helping carry supplies into the church and step up a table inside.

Back at it with some merkins on the blocks then 20 block squats.  Lunge walk with the block all the way back to the pile.  The time with the blocks was short but the PAX felt the burn.

Mosey left onto Main, right onto Arlington, and right onto Cannon.  Partner up for catch-me-if-you-can with 4 hand release merkins while the other partner runs backwards.  Make it all the way up to Jason St. and turn left back towards the park.  At this point, YHC thought we were gonna lose a man to some crazy Magoo that turned quickly onto Jason St behind the PAX but it turned out to be @BlueHawaii who had been searching for the PAX.  It was a Ford Edge full of #mumblechatter.

Run on up to the amphitheater for 7’s with merkins at the bottom and jump squats at the top.

Mosey down to the picnic shelter for 20 picnic table bench presses and 20 dips.  Rinse and repeat with 10 diamond derkins in between.


*Erectors, Rosie, Superman/Banana, Dollie, Plank Shoulder Touches, Plank the last minute.

*the counts of the Mary exercises varied greatly due to the ridiculous amount of #mumblechatter from @BlueHawaii


Praise for @Shep’s new 2.0.

Prayers for @BlueHawaii’s Aunt.

Look for details on how we can help with the Greer canned food drive coming up in early May.

I always enjoy taking the Q and I’m reminded on a day like today how much it means to be a part of COT.  Continue to pray for each other and pull each other up.


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