A Station Birthday Celebration

  • Workout Date - 02/23/2024
  • Q In Charge - Cockroach
  • The PAX - Footloose, Alfred, Bio Freeze, Play-Doh, Johnny 5, Bib, Grrrr, Wig, Ms. Doubtfire, iTunes, Wally
  • AO -

11 PAX joined YHC for a Cockroach 31st birthday celebration at The Station.


Warm up

SSH x 10

Diamond Merkins x 10

Smurf Jacks x 11 (total of 31 in Warm Up)


The Thang

Indian run up to Church & Main to begin an Escalator with 10 merkins.  Mosey up Church to North and continue the escalator with 20 squats.

Slowesy mosey to the Mortuary for 31 dips in honor of YHC.

Continue the run towards the City Stadium to add 30 LBCs on to the Escalator.  People’s chair on the Stadium wall for one minute.

Mosey back up to Pine & Poinsett to add 40 air presses onto the Escalator. Run down Poinsett to City Tire and finish up the Escalator with 50 plank shoulder touches.

YHC realized we had some extra time so we went to the hill at the back of the amphitheater to crab walk down and Joe Hendrix back up #neveronstairs. Rinse and repeat. Then we added 100 LBcs in honor of those brave souls who are cranking out 10,000 this month.

Mosey back to the circle for:



Dying Cockroach x 31

Rosie x 31

Superman / Banana

Flutterkicks x 31

Erectors x 31

We totaled 70 merkins, 80 squats, 190 LBCs, 80 air presses, and 50 plank shoulder touches. Distance covered was 1.85 miles.



We will have a new email system that you will have to opt-in for (MailChimp).

Blue Ridge Relay is on the horizon.

Battle Frog is April 25th.  Go join Johnny 5.

Its a boy for Johnny 5 and the M! Congrats!

Remember all the prayers mentioned in the COT.



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