A Puke and a Poop

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  • Workout Date - 10/16/2015
  • Q In Charge - Zoila
  • The PAX - Latke (WD), Debit, Zoila (WB)
  • AO -


The VSF was planted and 3 faithful showed up for a chilly morning of gallivanting around the ’05.

The Conditions: Cold.  36 degrees Fahrenheit, clear and starry, 85% humidity.

The Thang: Merkin x10 to see if Stewie (or anyone else) shows up.


Mosey north on Waccamaw Ave, turn right on Westminster Dr, right on W. Augusta Place, mess with Stewie’s minivan, right on W. Tallulah Dr, cross over Augusta onto E. Tallulah Drive, stop when we get to about 1 mile.

Heels to Heaven x25

Merkin x10


Merkin x5 (just to make sure YHC’s can still count cadence…yep…barely)

Continue moseying…

North on E. Tallulah, right on Rock Creek, left on Byrd, up the hill stop at the Country Club.

Merkin x10

LBC x30

Dying Cockroach x20

Debit runs off by himself to look for somewhere to debit his bowel account…

YHC and Latke continue south on Byrd, turn around at Riverside and head back to the Country Club.

SSH x25, there’s Debit!

Mosey north on Byrd, right on Augusta, left on W. Tallulah, right on W. Augusta Place, left on Westminster Dr, left on Waccamaw Ave, back to VSF.



Ye Olde Moleskine:

Good to see Latke and Debit show up in tandem.  I was thisclose to packing it up and crawling back in bed.

So right as we head out of the parking lot, we see a guy walking/shuffling, give the requisite “Good Morning”, and he promptly vomits in the middle of the road.  Uhh…alright…  Debit is the only one that really witnessed it.  “Was it the guy that wears the reds hat?”  “Well, he wasn’t wearing a Reds hat.”

That guy was the only other person we saw for the entire 45 minutes.  Running season in Greenville must be over…

Good COT/BOM.  Be praying for Debit’s sister and Latke’s client who are dealing with health issues.

Total mileage was 3.74.


Announcements:  Toys for Tots Convergence on 10/19 at 0530 at BSW Arena/Bi-Lo Center.

Get your EH on.

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