A Plethora of Pallets

  • Workout Date - 03/22/2016
  • Q In Charge - Rusty
  • The PAX - Clapper, Scuba Steve, White Walker, Homeward Bound, Squints, Beemer, Guvnuh
  • AO -

2 months M.I.A. and he thinks he can lead.  There’s a reason he’s called Rusty.  At least there’s props.


SSH’s x 25

SSH’s (imperial Walkers) x 25

Mosey to the Baseball Field to get started

Baseball field workout

Run the Perimeter – 4 stations of 10 Burpees each (40 Burpees)

Cut the Perimeter in Half – 4 stations of 20 Merkins (80 Merkins)

Run the Bases at a Sprint – Split Reps of Squats and Lunges at Home Plate 4 Rounds (40 Squats 40 lunges)


End of Parking Lot for Fun with Pallets – Everybody grab one and come to the grass

Single Stack Pallet

100 mini-Box jumps, 100 Calf Raises split by 50 Crunches and 50 Russian Twists

Double Stack Pallet

50 Box Jumps split by 100 Dips

Triple Stack Pallet

50 Down ups with Right Leg, 50 with Left, split by 25 inclined Merkins and 25 Decline Merkins

Quadruple Stack Pallet

50 Step ups split by 100 Crunches


Prayer requests for Squints’ Mom, Scuba Steve’s Sister, Community violence

A good time was had by all


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