A Partridge For Your F3

  • Workout Date - 12/18/2015
  • Q In Charge - Affordable Care Act
  • The PAX - Erector, Bambi, ATM, Tedediah, Johnny 5, Short Barrel, Affordable Care Act, Dr. Phil, Officer Poncharello, Whisper, Homeward Bound, Sammy
  • AO -


48 degrees, 50 degrees away from the greatest boy band ever (No one rocks a turtleneck like Nick Lachey…. a turtle neck dickie, however…. well that prize still belongs to Cousin Eddie).

12 PAX descended on the hallowed grounds of Oakview Elementary School, affectionately called Pitchfork, to take those sugar plums dancing in their collective heads and make sugarplumade.  Others who shall remain nameless, but some may call it the Hot Corner, avoided Santa’s sack like… (wait for it)

Warm Up

SSH X 12
Mountain Climbers X 12
Plank Jacks X 12
Hillbillies X 12
12 Burpees OYO (only 2988 to go)

The PAX sense a theme…..

The Thang

Welcome to Swamp Rabbit’s version of “The Twelve Days of Christmas”.  Behold…

First Day – A Burp and Merk to 4 merkins (with weights)
Second Day – Two Big Boy Situps
Third Day – Three Lunges with Curls
Fourth Day – 4 Tricep Extensions
Fifth Day – Fiiiiiiive Makhtar N’diaaaaaaaayes!!!
Sixth Day – 6 Goblet Squats
Seventh Day – 7 Bent rows
Jason Day1 Four-Time NBA MVP sending his wife to the hospital.
Eighth Day – 8 Sumo Get Ups
Ninth Day – 9 Lt. Dans
Tenth Day – 10 Block Webbs
Eleventh Day – 11 Snow Angels
Twelfth Day – 12 Monkey Humpers (cause I’ve been called worse at this point)


  • @Bondo called last night to request country ham since he’s making us all red eye gravy.  That’s enough to add a couple more RSVPs.  Please do so in the preblast.
  • Double Aught Q school coming to an AO near you.
  • Prayers for @SoccerMom.  Apparent knee injury.  Quick recovery.
  • Prayers for @Ponch’s  wife’s grandfather, Keith.
  • Prayers for @Hulk’s friend, Greg.
  • Praise for Lilliy and @RateHike

Oh Come Ol’ Ye Moleskin

  • I know all the true Swamp Rabbit Christmas nuts posted at the Deucable this morning, but I tried hard to make this equally craptastic…. no T-shirt, though
  • Speaking of T-shirts, I broke out my Christmas Crop Top for all to drink in after the fourth day of Christmas.  @ATM is seriously second guessing requesting me as his daughter’s Upward basketball coach.
  • Merlot was the goal by either exercise, my singing, or my outfit.  Sadly, these men kept it in…. which was more than I can say about my navel.
  • @Erector made his first appearance at Pitchfork.  We were happy to have him and his wife’s weights out there this morning.
  • The award-winning @Whisper was seen, not heard, this morning.  I’m afraid he was mentally online, booking the next flight to Turkey.  Booking_dot_nope.
  • I wanted to discuss all the wonderful news about Gamecock football over the past 48 hours with @Sammy, but all he could do was complain about the wood chips and not having a yoga mat.  Next time, Sammy….. next time.

See you in the gloom, brothers!

Affordable Care Act

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