A New Day

  • Workout Date - 02/02/2015
  • Q In Charge - 00 (Double Aught) / Radar
  • The PAX - Slapchop, Golden Sombrero, Playdough, Zip It, Holla, Rick Mendez (FNG-Chyna), 00, Radar
  • AO -

It was a new beginning at The Burbs. For too long we have suffered without a shovelflag. Radar and YHC unveiled their respective shovelflags about the 20 mph winds and watched them blow in the breeze. Unfortunately, with the overnight rain and the anticipated ubiquity of individual hangovers, we felt that the numbers would be almost as small as Radar’s USMC silkies. 8 gathered to enjoy the esprit de corps of The Burbs, including an unfortunate FNG who didn’t know it was the first of many 00 and Radar co-Qs.

SSH x 15 IC
MC x 15 IC

No time to warmup, lots of fun things to do.

Run to the portable, grab a block each. The first of four corners. Two lines at the Joe Hendricks stairs. Do squats with the block while you wait your turn. But this is no ordinary Joe Hendricks. This is Joe’s older brother, Joseph H. Hendricks, III. Get in position. Each time your left hand hits a stair as you go up, you stop going up and do a merkin. Probably 10 merkins or so while doing the JHH,III. 10 Fairy Jacks at the top. I was going to do those once only, but I enjoyed those so much, we did two rounds. Slapchop enjoyed being behind Radar while Radar did deep knee bends in his silkies.

Lunge walk between the speed bumps, with the block. Run to the next corner. 1 set of press/flutter. Block press with a flutter, all in cadence. A set of 10. Then some one-legged deadlifts with the block OYO. Another set of 10 press/flutter. Slow karaoke with the block to the next corner for something called the block burpee. No jumping, but essentially a deadlift/press combo, bringing the block back down and finishing with a merkin on the block. Go till I say stop. I say stop. Begin the backwards run to the next station and 00 runs through a rather large ankle-depth puddle. Some PAX remark that I deserve it.

We stop at the fourth corner and the Dan Taylor that I had planned completely left my mind. We did some squat press. Slow Mosey back to put the blocks up. Radar takes over. Mosey to the road for an Indian Run to the school. Go the playground and assume pullup position. For three minutes. You do as many pullups you can do, and then do merkins for “rest.” Then back to pullups. AMRAP. Those three minutes seemed a lot longer than other activities that may or may not also take three minutes. Run around the softball field. Do it again for two minutes. This was a real #crowdpleaser. Radar indicated that the only way to get better at pullups was to do pullups. Run around the softball field. Mosey to the parking lot for some modified sprints. Partner up. One partner planks while the other partner runs as fast as possible without eating wet pavement. Run back. Flapjack and repeato. Mosey back to the Burbs, but stop halfway to sit in some grass, link arms, and do some squad situps. Run back to the Burbs and name our FNG. He asserts he was a high school wrestler. Hence Chyna. If Chyna is taken, we could easily go to Chyna Doll.

Moleskin: Good work by the PAX today. Come out when it’s wet. You will love it. If you’re lucky, Radar will wear his silkies. If you’re really lucky, he will let you wear his silkies.

COT: Prayer for Golden’s neighbor and family and some difficult circumstances. Unspoken and unprinted concerns as well.

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