A New Day for GideonsHouse

  • Workout Date - 08/13/2016
  • Q In Charge - Earthmover
  • The PAX - ACA, THE Hardhat, John Allen FNG - "Protractor", Hanson, Tyler FNG - "Muffler", Waterproof, Reacher, Quarterpipe, Iceman, Earthmover (QIC)
  • AO -

the #starfish model continues to work well for the SwampRabbits. The Gideons men aren’t able to get fully involved for a weekday workout so they requested something on the weekends. No problem! Saturdays at 6 is now the new and improved time to get your taste of the #westside. Gideons legend Bondo was there early in his work clothes to make sure things got off OK and his FNG showed- he did along with 9 other men. Here’s what transpired:

Mission and disclaimer for the 2 FNGs. Bondo’s FNG finished the Asheville Spartan last week so #instantcred. Hopefully we can challenge him!
Willie Mays Hays
Mosey to unemployment office parking lot for Medley Relay (thanks F3Chapel Hill).
Backwards run 50 yds, 5 burpees
Karaoke back, 5 burpees
Power skip, 5 burpees
AYG sprint back, 5 burpees
Rinse repeat with 10 lunges replacing burpees.
bear crawl to far corner of building.

30 merkins at corner, run halfway around the building for 10 LBCs, run back to start
25 merkins, run, 15 LBCs etc until 10/30.
After first lap we notice Hanson is MIA – seems he had a “deuceable” moment and needed to return back to house for a few minutes. We kept rolling and he rejoined us. #natureboywouldbeproud
Waterproof has best merkin form of any F3SwampRabbit pax. #impressive

Head back towards house. Stop for 20 curb hops and 10 derkins
Return to parking lot at house. Core tabatas. 2 rounds
Big Boy Sit Ups


Great having a big crowd of Gideons men out there. Welcome FNGs Muffler and Protractor. Muffler new to Gideons and we will continue to pray for his continued recovery.

Prayers for Reacher’s brother. He’s MP in military and dealing with health issues that may mean discharge.
Put 6 am Saturday on your calendar! We’ll see you out there!

Always a pleasure!


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