A Morning at the Improv

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  • Workout Date - 10/04/2023
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Stupid stomach bug… Seems to be making the rounds through the PAX at the most inopportune times. This time, Semper, our regularly scheduled Q, got woken up at midnight with the urgent need to offload his dinner as quickly and violently at possible.

Meanwhile, back at Casa de Flay, YHC was snug as a bug and the 2.0’s were sleeping through the night for once. I won’t lie, the #fartsack almost won, but I sat up just in time and saw an email from 12:32 from our patient saying he was out…

For the second time in five days, it was Flay to the rescue, but this time I didn’t have a Weinke. Might as well channel my inner Jerry Garcia, noodle my way through, and see where things took us.

Apologies if anything got missed, as I have no notes to go from, and you all know how addled my brain bucket can be…

Warm up

SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Mosey to the playground/beak into three groups

Pain Stations

G1: Pullups x 10

G2: Swerkins x 15 #crowdpleaser

G3: Dips x 20

Rotate/rinse/repeat and complete each station x 3

Plank up

Mosey to Hermie’s Holler

Four Corners

LBC’s x 20 (single count) / Bear crawl up entrance hill 1

Flutters x 20 (single count) / Sprint to entrance 2

Backscratchers x 20 (single count) / Crabwalk down entrance hill 2

Russian Twist x 20 (single count) / Sprint to the bottom of entrance hill 1

Rinse repeat, but with each station as a 4 count for good measure #crowdpleaser

Line up by the pool

Hermie Wormies

Hermie’s diabolical inch worm/merkin/frog jump combo thang across the parking lot

Sprint back / plank up

Hermie wants another… Repeato

Gotta get 3 for good luck. Repeato…

At this point Gift Rapper starts saying horrible things about YHC’s mother… #complimentaccepted

Mosey to the basketball courts

Reverse Rodeo Clown

PAX line up and backpedal around the b-ball court while the first in line sprints off the front to catch the group from behind. Once he catches, next guy goes, etc.

Repeato till everybody’s sprinted

Mosey to the tennis courts

Ark Loader

Bearcrawl court 1

Frogjump court 2

Crabwalk court 3

Duckwalk court 4

Sprint court 5

Burpees x 5 at the end for good measure

Repeato back to the beginning, minus the burpees…

Mosey back to the flags for Mary


At this point, YHC’s memory banks are failing me, so here’s a guess:

Heels to heaven x 20 IC

Six inches 10 count x 3 (courtesy of Dexter, Hermie, and Madoff)

Freddie Mercury x 20 IC

Dolly x 20 IC



  • Nice job as always by my Tank Yard boys. Sorry if it was a bit disjointed, but we were making that one up as we went, and we were still sore as hell from Dexter’s date with Mr. Sandman on Tuesday
  • Happy Birthday to Hermie!
  • Keep send those FNG emails for Spartanburg to F3Spartanburg@gmail.com
  • Prayers, as always for Spicoli, Golden Sombrero’s dad, and all who suffer in silence.


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