A little water never hurt anyone…

  • Workout Date - 08/01/2014
  • Q In Charge - Mega Mu
  • The PAX - Aloha, Sherpa, Sandiago, Zoila, Grilled Cheese on a Doughnut, Sampsonite, Mega Mu
  • AO -

CP Flood








7 PAX made it out for some sloppy wet fun at an AO that only 12 hours prior was closed due to massive flooding.  The standing water would soon become the least of the PAX’s worries.

The Thang:
Partner Up
Starting at the parking lot by the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial, follow the course (clockwise, towards the softball field). Complete the exercises at the indicated locations (reps listed are total for you and your partner)

Station 1 – Picnic shelter next to starting parking lot (note: the map indicates the playground next to it)
50 Dips
Station 2 – Pullup bars next to basketball court
20 Pullups
Station 3 – Trail intersection (above tennis courts)
50 Squats
Stations 4 – Parking lot beside trail
50 Derkins
8.1.14 Crucible II






4 miles
125 Dips
50 Pullups
125 Squats
125 Derkins

-Tclaps to Aloha and Sherpa for taking home Swamp Rabbit’s #VT. #thetrophymaybevirtual #butthegloryisnt
-You got away with it this time, Sherpa, but the next time you hijack YHC’s partner, you’ll pay dearly #YHCdidntevengetavote #revengecomingsoon
-Numbers have been down in recent weeks. If you think it’s too hard, you’re probably right, don’t tell YHC, and come anyway. If you think it’s too easy, you’re probably wrong, tell YHC, and come anyway. Basically, come either way and give feedback.
You can’t with the #VT from the fartsack

-Prayers for Aloha and his girlfriend’s family as they, once again, are facing a battle with cancer
-Prayers for Sherpa as he moves to Nepal
-Prayers for Zoila and his family as they look to grow in the depth of their faith as they relocate to Greenville

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