A little Pitchfork weird at Warthog

  • Workout Date - 08/04/2016
  • Q In Charge - ATM
  • The PAX - Shakespeare, Jingles (respect!), Hawk, Wolverine, Geno, FNG Josh - DaVinci, Toe Tag, Sanchez, Hoser, Turn and Cough, Lincoln, Varsity, FNG Chris - Little Debbie, ATM (YHC)
  • AO -

13 pax including 1 FNG (15 y/o Chris Horton – n/k/a Little Debbie) circled up at Warthog for a guest Q courtesy of YHC. We finished with 14, but more on that later.

It’s always a pleasure to guest Q, but there is something special about the beach boys – whether it is Blackbeards like last trip or Warthog. They get it. All 3 F’s. TClaps boys!

YHC was able to EH my 15 y/o nephew out of the vacation fartsack for his first post and show him what F3 was all about. Fellow Swamp Rabbit @Earthmover avoided the vacation fartsack like Kim Kardashian avoids the camera.

Sanchez is relocating to Greer and in preparation for the high altitudes(?), started the workout with an elevation training mask. YHC warned him that the regret would be immediate…and it was. Here we go:

Dislaimer and Mission of F3.
Warm up – Smurf Jacks x 20 IC (Sanchez lost the elevation mask during the first exercise. #mumblechatter begins). Hillbillies x 20 IC.

Mosey to the parking garage (the long way). Only the long way, because YHC didn’t specify WHICH parking garage. Anywho, we got where we needed to be.

Partner up at the bottom of the ramp for Burp Back Mountain. Pax 1 runs up the ramp backwards and down x 2, while pax 2 starts doing burpees. Flapjack till 100 burpees. @Iceman warned you, YHC likes burpees! Plank for the 6.

To the top of the parking garage for some air and more fun. Line up for the #pitchfork original courtesy of my boy @Bambi, the Merkin Trail of Tears. Shoulder to shoulder in plank position and pax on the end bear crawls to other end and leads all pax in 1 merkin. Next pax bear crawls and leads in 2 merkins…you get it. 13 pax made it a lot of fun. 91 merkins and a long plank.

Circle up for the Howling Monkeys. Lots of #mumblechatter at the start of this one, but as we went around the circle, it got a little quiet. All pax hold down monkey humper position and one at a time, each pax does 10 monkey humpers. All others hold down position for the duration. YHC likes the legs #smoked!

Mosey back to the bridge. Line up shoulder to shoulder on your six for 2 rounds of Guantanamo for the core. Circle up for some BBSU x 20.

Count off into 2s for a good ole fashioned relay race across the bridge. At this time, Josh came wandering by and was given the flying EH by several guys. Now, if you have never been a part of a flying EH during a workout, it usually goes 1 of 2 ways. The guy politely smiles and keeps walking or says something like “Yea, I will have to check it out sometime.” Rarely do sad clowns jump into line for a relay race like Josh did. Dude shed his backpack, tightened his shoelaces and was like, “let’s go.” Good thing too, cause this gave us even numbers.

Race to other side and back. Losing team does 25 burpees and the “winners” get 10 burpees.

Mosey back to the flag. As we left for the flag, YHC overheard a pax tell Josh “Come with us to the flag and you will see what this is all about.” #truthbomb

Annc – MotherRuckers started at Warthog on Fridays at 0530 in addition to Kettlebells. ToeTag working on Crisis Ministries in NC including a CSAUP. It’s on the Twittah.

Prayers/Praise – Lou (kidney cancer), Sanchez and his M moving to Greer, DaVinci and his situation with his son and homelessness. OneCall and his bronchitis. Get better brother!

NMM – Always awesome to see these guys. All 3 Fs, every time. Everyone worked really hard and YHC is especially proud of Little Debbie for getting up at 0430 to come work out. Heart is heavy for Davinci, but encouraged by his words in COT. Praying he can keep coming and that the boys of Warthog and Grand Strand will be able to minister to him. They will try, that I know for sure.

Always a pleasure men. SYITG in October! Aye!


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  1. It was awesome to be part of such a great group. Hope that DaVinci keeps posting. Lots of strong Pax at the Grand Strand.

    TClaps for stepping in for the Q today and also for the shout out for our CSAUP Aug 27th. Here is a link to the preblast, or you can search Sufferfest on the F3 site.


    Hope that some of the SC folks will make the trek up for the event. It is great training for the BRR and for the Palmetto 200 as well as a great opportunity to see a new AO and support your F3 brothers give it away.

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