A "Lazy" Day at the Tower, with Coupons

  • Workout Date - 02/18/2016
  • Q In Charge - Floppy Disc
  • The PAX - Third Base, Look Out Below, Lite Brite, Officer Poncherello (WB), The Commodore (WD, Respect), Gymboree (Respect), Whisper (Respect), Squid, RG3, Name Your Own Price Tool, Barney, Floppy Disc (YHC)
  • AO -

So for many months, I’ve been saying that I am hanging out with a bad crowd, who influence me poorly, and today is definite proof of that.

After getting up WAAAAYYYY too early, YHC joined @ThirdBase, @LOB, @LiteBrite, and @Ponch for my VRuck.  The #2ndF was enjoyable, and the 2.5 miles went by in no time, despite the fact that I was carrying a 20 lbs ruck around for fun.  Sure, it could have been heavier, but this was YHC’s first time out…baby steps.

The #RuckParty arrived back at the #ShovelFlag to find a few other eager pax awaiting the lazy day that YHC promised on #Twittah.  0530 arrives, no FNGs, so off we go!


  • 25 SSH IC
  • 20 IW IC

Everyone looks sufficiently warm for what YHC has in store, so let’s mosey up the street to the #BrickPile. Everyone grab your favorite flavor of coupon, and mosey over to the church parking lot for instructions:

Thang 1

This is where YHC can guarantee I’ve fallen in with the wrong bunch o people.  It’s time for a Lazy Dora, but with some slight modifications….

Everyone partners up, and Lazy Dora instructions are given.  Here’s the plan:

100 Merkins, but Mucho Chesto variation:

Each partner rotates through 10 each of the following: 10 Merkins, 10 Werkins, 10 Diamond Merkins, 10 left stagger Merkins, and 10 right stagger Merkins.  While P1 does their 10, P2 planks, but holds the plank in whichever merkin stance they just finished.

200 LBCs, with blocks:

P1 holds coupon on chest, and does 20 LBCs.  P2 is on his six, holding coupon with arms extended, and feet at 6 inches.  Flapjack until all 200 LBCs are complete.

300 Goblet Squats

P1 does 25 goblet squats with coupon. P2 holds down position of goblet squat while waiting on P1. Flapjack until done.

By about 100 squats, those coupons went from the 30 lbs range to the 90 lbs range, just holding the same size….

After everyone was done w/ Dora, and feeling a little beat down, we left our coupons, and lined up at the end of the parking lot for:

Thang 2

Since Dora was a bit lazy, our legs needed a stretch, so line up at the near side of the parking lot for 11s – 1 Freddy Mercury (DC) at 1 end of the lot, then run 40ish yards to the sign at the other end of the lot for 10 lunges (DC). Rinse and Repeat, dropping a rep of lunges, and adding a rep of Freddy Mercury up to 10 Freddy Mercurys to 1 Lunge.

Now the legs and other parts are nice and warm, lets go drop off the coupons in their properly stored spot, and mosey back to the flag.  Just enough time for 1 minute of Mary, so Flutters for a minute.


A – GHS Swamp Rabbit 5k and 1/2 on 2/27.  Brothers have signed up, so still time for you to sign up as well, or go and support them next Sat.

P –

  • Continued praise/prayer for Greg Gibbons as rehab is going well.  Continue to pray that his recovery will progress.
  • Pray for Ponch’s wife’s family – her grandfather has a brain tumor, and has been moved to hospice, and has been given a short time.  Pray that God will be present in their time of need, and provide peace and comfort to them.

Thanks for taking us out @Whisper


This routine looked like a bad idea on paper, and as YHC sits here trying to write the BB, I am very thankful for the arm rests on my chair, and wish my coffee cup would lift itself to my lips.  Those coupons get heavier the longer you hold them up, and they were held for a good bit of time this AM.  TClaps to the Pax for pushing through this #BeatDown.  The #Mumblechatter was light, but there were many groans as blocks were pushed around.  Just remember, the workouts don’t get easier, you get better.

Until Next Time

Floppy Disc

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