A "heavy" start to Site Q at #GoldenStrip

  • Workout Date - 08/18/2016
  • Q In Charge - Floppy Disc
  • The PAX - Sushi (respect), Whisper (respect), WiFi(respect), SnowBird (RESPECT!, WD), Gymboree (respect), Sadiq (respect), Bambi, Twin Peaks, Fred, Detox, FNG Jeff - Yankee Candle, Padre. Mint Julep, Short Barrel, NYOPT, Road Trip, Sammy, Floppy Disc (YHC)
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This has been a very transformative year for YHC.  One year ago, had a coworker throw the unexpected EH on YHC to come and try something new for him, F3.  Tuesday he went out, and they played some F3 Ultimate Frisbee.  That was the last straw that was needed to get YHC off of his couch, and into the gloom, and it’s been amazing ever since.  There has been fitness introduced to my life at a level that I have not maintained previously.  48 lbs down since starting.  Q’ing on a regular basis, and not just the #1stF workouts, but also the #3rdF bible studies. Balancing schedules has been a challenge, but that’s always been a challenge for me.

F3 has just helped me figure out how far I can go, and then go a little farther. I never expected to pick up a 30 lbs ruck willingly, and sacrifice some extra sleep to go out and walk an extra 3-4 miles w/ friends before rolling into a 45 minute bootcamp workout, but that’s become a semi-regular thing.  I have 11 friends who were stupid enough willing to sign up with YHC to run in the P200 this coming spring, just because it sounded like a challenge.  Guys have encouraged me while I’ve been at the six, and I’ve found a joy in returning that for new pax that show up.

F3 for me has gone from being all about what’s in it for me, to how can I help others get something out of it.  The next step in that evolution is taking on the responsibility of Site Q today.  Humbled and honored to be asked, and I will give it my best effort to help all of you.  Now on to the workout.


  • SSH x 20 IC
  • MC x 15 IC
  • 8 Burpees OYO
  • MC x 20 IC
  • MonkeyHumpers x 16 IC
  • 8 Burpees OYO

There was a time I hated burpees, now I just tolerate them.  Seemed like a good way to celebrate 8/15 – 8/16.  Let’s Mosey to the speedway.  Bring your ruck if you have it



  • All pax partner up, and is this a pile of coupons here?  Everyone help yourself to a coupon!.  Not enough to go around? @ShortBarrel, @Sadiq, and YHC brought our rucks along for the fun!
  • Partners complete exercises as follows:
  • 100 Derkins – P1 starts derkins, P2 planks with feet on CMU, or with ruck on back. Flapjack every 10, rinse and repeat till done. (FYI, Merkins #SuckOutLoud with a ruck on. You should try it sometime)
  • Take your coupon, and take a lap around the speedway
  • 200 LBCs – P1 starts with coupon on chest, P2 holds legs 6″, and arms extended with coupon above chest. Flapjack every 20, rinse and repeat till done.
  • Take your coupon for 2 laps around the speedway.
  • 300 Goblet Squats – P1 starts with Goblet squats, P2 holds down position of goblet squat. Flapjack every 25, rinse and repeat till done.
  • Take your coupon for 3 laps around the speedway.

This was a serious #Smoker between the planks and laps with weight. Gonna make getting the other 150 Merkins that YHC needs for the #PushupChallenge that I signed up for back at the beginning of June. Oh well, push on! Let’s put these fine coupons back where they came from, mosey one final lap, and back to the flags for some:


Just enough time for what has become one of YHC’s favorite core engagements:

Bodies on the Floor

  • Everyone assumes the plank position.
  • While the song Bodies by Drowning Pool plays, do the following:
    • Each time you hear “Let the bodies hit the floor”, do a Donkey Kick
    • Each time they count, do a Merkin
  • 3:26 plank, 26 donkey kicks, 21 merkins.  Real #Crowdpleaser


Welcome to Jeff, our out of town FNG from Philly,  who has fallen in with the wrong crowd (Detox, Sushi), and posted today – N/k/a Yankee Candle

YHC shared with the Pax today that F3 starts as a means for yourself – a way to get healthy, a stress relief, something that gives you an outlet.  That is the starting point for most of us as we #post. My challenge for you, and something that I’ve realized over the course of the year, is this: F3 is not just for you.  The strength and endurance that we work towards is what you will need to bear the burdens that God has placed upon us, whether it’s to deal with what you have in your own life, or if you are lending your strength to others. On the back of my shovel flag is the following:

Ephesians 6:10 Be strong in the Lord, and in the strength of His might. (ESV)

Our own strength is finite.  It has an end.  Sure we can push ourselves, and become stronger, but there will be a point where our own strength is not enough. The Lord tells us, His strength is sufficient in all things.  We are the hands and feet, and we might be called on to be the strength for others. It’s easy to think “I’ve got this.”, but we are not called to live a life alone.  That’s what this brotherhood is for – encouragement, support, and to help others.  That’s the leadership that we strive for, that we’ve been called to.  Be ready if that call comes your way.

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Can’t wait to see what this next year holds.

Floppy Disc

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    1. Sally is great, especially when you pass a 40 lbs sandbag around the circle with each Bring Sally Up. Also check out Roxanne by the Police – A burpee for every time they sing Roxanne

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