A Hank-ish type work out

  • Workout Date - 09/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - Blue Hawaii
  • The PAX - Justin Pitts Montel FNG Grr Bio Headhunter Nsa iTunes Wally whammo Junkyard dog Ricky bobby Play doe Kipper the dog Beibs First date
  • AO -

15 Pax including 1 FNG JOINED YHC for some hill work with a little boot camp!

20 x ssh ic
15 x mc ic

Let’s mosey line up double applesauce Indian run to the stop sign. 10 burpees. Cross road to UMC to visit Joe quickly. 20 squats at the bottom 20 merkins at the top rinse and repeat. Indian run to next stop sign 5 quick burpees where made before reaching green mile. YHC told stories as the pax completed 2 sets of wall sits and balls to the wall. Indian run all the way to wade Hampton back up pine street. The pax circled up for one minute of up downs and feet chopping in honor of the first game of the season. Great effort by the pax especially the non runners. This was not a normal boot camp but that’s what makes f3 great there never the same. For a more descriptive overview of our tour de Greer click on my straka link below



Pray for iTunes Dad
Pray for kippers wife
Pray for all with CSAUPs coming up.
Pray for all suffering in silence.

Blue Hawaii

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