A Gracious Blend of Pain…

  • Workout Date - 02/05/2015
  • Q In Charge - Sanchez
  • The PAX - Flay, Rusty, Cataract, Squeal, Clapper, Semper, Sanchez
  • AO -

YHC couldn’t come up with an appropriate title for the #Tankyard pain-fest this morning so YHC is pulling for Pentecostal Bunyan’s illustrative vocabulary and his description of another pain party in the Tank gloom…

7 men gathered around the shovel flag at the #Tankyard this morning.  The weather was surprisingly warm at near 40 which merited Squeal showing up in his singlet.  Despite the friendly company and the agreeable weather, it didn’t take long for the mumble-chatter to start and once it started, it only got stronger…just like the 7 men who resisted the fartsack and made the intentional choice to post.

The Warm-Up
SSH x 30
1 Round of BLIMPS
Burpees x 5
Lunges x 10
IW x 15
Merkins x 20
Plank Jacks x 25
Squats x 30
* YHC had only planned on a BLIMP but Squeal asked about the plural form and I was happy to oblige!  This would not be the first or last time YHC was inspired by sarcasm, wit, or mumble-chatter from the PAX

The Thang
Mosey to the baseball fields and claim a spot along the cinder block wall for the bathrooms for an extended duration of People’s Chair, during which time the PAX enjoyed a few rounds of Little Baby Arm Circles:
1a. Arms out to the side x 10
1b. Same as 1a but reverse direction x 10
2a. Hands to heaven x 10
2b. Same as 2a but reverse direction x 10
3a. Arms in front x 10
3b. Reverse x 10

With the legs throbbing, it was good that we didn’t have far to go to get to the next pain station.  Just around the other side of the bathrooms, between the two fields. Grab a section of fence for a round of fart-knockers/hip-slappers.
– Double Count x 10
Shake out the arms and Rinse and Repeat
– Double Count x 10

Mosey out to the path and down to the playground for 11s.  Space was at a premium so we had 2 groups each with their own set of 11s, with the plan of flap jacking when done with their set.  This was apparently a hard concept for a few men at 5:45am.
Group 1:
Pull-ups and 180degree jump squats.  If this sounds easy, go to a play ground and give it a try; if it sounds miserable, you are close to understanding the level of suck this round presented!
Group 2:
Derkins and Box Jumps.  If the arms weren’t smoked enough already, this one did it.

Slozey to the tennis courts for the next round of fun…

Ark Loader – 5 tennis courts, 5 animals:
Court 1: Duck Walk
Court 2: Carolina Crab/Jameis Winston
Court 3: Bear Crawl
Court 4: Frog Jump
Court 5: Inch worm – Legs straight, bend at waist, hands on the ground, and start walking the hands out to a plank, then jump the feet in to meet back up with the hands.  Repeato until the doubles lines

Since Rusty mentioned that the animals came 2 by 2, YHC deemed it appropriate to head back to the other side with the same set of animals but celebrating the numerical significance with 2 burpees after each court #everythinghurtsnow!

Nothing quiets mumble-chatter, at least for 7 minutes, like merkin suicides:
Run to far side of each court – exercise and run back
Court 1 – burpees x 5
Court 2 – Diamond merkins x 10
Court 3 – Werkins x 15
Court 4 – Merkins x 20
Court 5 – Plank Jacks x 25

Surprisingly, YHC hadn’t killed as much time as muscles in YHCs arms and legs so we super-slozied back to the Shovel Flag for 10MOM
1. LBCs x 30
2. Flutters x 30
3. Back Scratcher x 25
10 count breather
4. Dead Cockroach x 25
5. Dolly x 25
6. Oblique Crunches 15R, 15L = 30

The Pax were acting like I kept them over by 30 minutes so we stopped here, 6:20 on the nose.

-Drifter this Saturday.  Today is the last day to register.  Flay is hosted a pre-race warm up at 8:15
-Pre-blast for the Blue Ridge Relay just came out.  Look to sign up if you want to participate.  Members on a team of 12 will each run 3 legs and avg a total of 16mi. along the Blue Ridge between Va and Asheville
-Sign up for Mudrun – event is April 11th but the F3 team registration will close in early March

Naked Moleskin:
– Prayers for Squeal and his family – adoption hearing for Hannah was supposed to be yesterday but didn’t get heard because of the case ahead of them.  Thanks to the legal system, the hearing is rescheduled for 2 months out in April.  Prayers for patience and peace with the process and that Squeal and his M Claire can release the uncertainty that comes with each additional day
– Additional prayers for Squeal’s family since his M’s grandmother and great-grandmother both died this past Friday.  In particular, prayers for her grandfather who lost his wife and his mother on the sam day.
– Prayers for Semper’s M who is in her last semester of nursing school.  USC Upstate program has incredibly poor communication standards and throws clinicals and projects on the students at the last minute.  She is in the home stretch and  done in May.  Also, prayers for Semper, that he can be a support and leader in his marriage during this time for stress for her.
– Praises for Semper’s Grandfather’s 90th birthday and that his Grandmother’s will be able to celebrate with them despite her health issues over the last 2 years
– Prayers for safe travels – for YHC, TBC, Rocky Top, and all others traveling.  Rocky Top is heading to Guatemala with his company to build a vocational school.
– Nail Pop from F3 Columbia will be Qing at the Station next Thursday.  Please consider a financial contribution to help with the medical costs for their son Walker’s medical bills over the last year.  Checks can be made payable to Andy Phillips.

Beavis has the Tankyard Q this Sunday and Rusty is stepping up for his VQ next Tuesday!


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