A Flight to Turkey to ride an Escalator

  • Workout Date - 08/28/2015
  • Q In Charge - Whisper
  • The PAX - Hulk Smash, Tedadiah, Thumper, Earth Mover, 3rd Base, Look Out Below, Cool Breeze, Bambi, Sammy, ATM, Hooch, M.O., Homeward Bound, Candy Striper, Whisper(YHC)
  • AO -


Warm up: SSH x 25; Hillbillies x 20

The Thang

This was advertised as a dumbbell workout so once we grabbed the dumbbells it cost 5 burpees to put them down. YHC thinks there was some cheating here, but it is hard to tell in the gloom.

  • Moved the plane to the tarmac with air traffic controllers(lateral dumbbell raises to horizontal then vertical) x 10. 2nd segment was with alternating arms and proved to be a test of motor skills x 10.
  • Gear up(bent over dumbbell row then extension out to horizontal) x 10.
  • Finally get off the ground with fly’s( on our six fly with press in between) x 15

We’re soaring now. Mosey to the track. As it turned out we landed in Turkey, but we only came to ride the escalator.

Four Corners Escalator (= one lap around the track)

  • 1st corner – 10 x Turkish get-ups(TG) & sprint to 2nd Sprints were less than impressive. PAX must have been remembering their moms saying not to run with scissors. It’s pretty difficult to put your eye out with a dumbbell.
  • 2nd corner – 10 TG + 20 clean and press(CP), sprint to 3rd corner & plank till all PAX arrive. This was a special quiet time in which only grunts and groans were heard. “Sprint” would not be the best description for the move to 3rd
  • 3rd corner – 10 TG + 20 CP + 30 squats, sprint(yea right) to 4th corner with 1st PAX there calling plank positions.
  • 4th corner – 10 TG + 20 CP + 30 squat + 40 bent over rows, then wander to the 1st corner for 5 count BLIMPS till all arrive.

MARY: Box Cutters x 20; LBC x 20

COT: Lifting up 2 specific prayers and any unheard.

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