A Few of My Favorites

  • Workout Date - 07/28/2016
  • Q In Charge - Carl's Jr.
  • The PAX - Duplo, Gluten, Whittle, Slug, Lincoln Logs, Red Wire, Tea Bag, PETA, Carroll Shelby, Clapper
  • AO -

Well, YHC just passed the one year mark of living the F3 life, so it seemed like the thing to do was to take the Q.  I decided to include all of my favorite standards, or as many as I could get in.  Here’s how we rolled:


20 each on SSH, IW, MC (May have been one more of something…..)

Moseyed up to the Block Pile for 3 sets of 21 Guns with 10 overhead presses in between.  I really sucked at these a year ago, but now I love’em!

Down to the parking lot for Dora 1-2-3, pretty much a standard whenever I Q.  Love the teamwork and accountability on these!  Hard to slack off when you have to give the count to your partner at switch off.  We did Merkins, Squats and LBCs.

Moseyed down to lower level of parking lot for Joe Hendrix up all the steps with Bear Crawls on each level between steps.  First time I saw this, I was amazed.  Great exercise in strength, coordination, and, let’s face it, it’s just odd!

Moseyed back down a couple of levels to get a steep incline between levels for 11’s with Merkins at the bottom and squats at the top.

Gotta include some Burpees in a Powderkeg workout and we have’t had a flyover yet so, 10 OYO!

Cruise back to the flag with just enough time for 20 Flutters and that’s it!

It’s been a great year with the Powderkeg gang.  Thanks to Keystone for inviting me to come out!


Spring Water Festival in Williamston, workout/breakfast/Bondo Bars at Gideon’s House Saturday, Midnight Flight last Friday in August



Tea Bag’s and Quickie’s sisters with cancer,  Joe,YHC’s friend and Muffin Monster’s dad, Heart cath Friday, friend of Slug & Carrol Shelby been on the wrong path coming to SOS next week

Until next time,

Carl’s Jr.

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