A few merkins…..

  • Workout Date - 05/12/2015
  • Q In Charge - Mary
  • The PAX - Macho Man, WiFi, The Tickler, Fred, One D, Nature Boy, Obama, Tanneyhill, Sadiq, Elmer, Retread, Noah, Tricycle, Lookout Below,
  • AO -


15 Pax rolled out of bed on a humid morning to get better!


Imperial Walkers IC x 25 – lap around the parking lot

SSH IC x 30

Merkins IC x 15 – lap around the parking lot (30 merkins)

LBC’s IC x 25

The Thang:

Modified Jacobs ladder….from speed bump, run to light post at end of parking lot, 10 merkins, back to speed bump, 9 merkins, to light post on other side of parking lot, 8 merkins, back to speed bump, 7 merkins, continue til 1 at speed bump. (55 merkins)

Mosey all the way around the building and then to the playground for pain stations. Divide into 3 groups.

#1 = 10 Donkey kicks

#2 = 10 Pull-ups

#3 = 10 Merkins

#4 = 15 Dips

Repeato x 3 rounds (stay in groups and stay together)  (30 merkins)

Mosey back around the building to the bottom of the hill for Dora

100 Merkins

200 Squats

300 LBC’s (everyone did the last 90 LBC’s together with the last pair finishing counting out loud…AWESOME)

Mosey back to the parking lot, circle back up…and the last exercise is….Merkins…In cadence x 20!

(40 merkins) YHC is burned out!!!

That totals about 205 merkins per pax on the morning give or take a few (depending on how many each did in Dora)


Tanneyhill’s friend, and father of 3 young children going to Afghanistan for 3rd tour, also Bill and Stevie Strange with the loss of their 24 year old daughter, prayer for all of us parents as we lead and guide our children with all the challenges they face…drinking, drugs, etc.

Jackalope on Saturday!

It is always a pleasure to be the Q and to work out with everyone….I am not a morning person, but I get up because of you all!



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