A Few Good Men

  • Workout Date - 07/03/2014
  • Q In Charge - Sanchez
  • The PAX - Wawa, Rusty, Cataract, Frankenrider
  • AO -

At least 12 men started their 4th of July celebrations early which left a few good men (5, to be exact) to sweat it out in the gloom.  YHC will speak for the other 4 and say that any celebration was much deserved after this posting

SSH x 20
IW x 20
Big Arm Circles: forwards x 10, reverse x 10

The Thang
With all the talk of soccer and pitch, YHC decided it was time to get back to our roots of Americana and spend some time on the ole baseball field for some base running and outfield running.  General theme was 10s (first base and right field) / 20s (2nd base and center field) / 30s (3rd base and left field):

Round 1:
Bases: Merkins 10/20/30 #30after30hurts (hint: audible coming for 30s in rounds 2-4). Sprint home and plank until all finish #nomanleftbehind
Outfield: Lunge walk down 1st base line to grass; sprint to the fence.  10/20/30 Mountain Climbers. Sprint down left field foul line to the infield and lunge walk home

Round 2:
Bases: Merkins 10/20; Audible at 3rd for 30 LBCs.  Sprint home and plank
Outfield: Same lunge walk past 1st base to grass and sprint to fence: 10/20/30 flutters

Round 3:
Bases: Repeat round 2
Outfield: Perfect Squats

Round 4:
Bases: Repeat rounds 2 and 3
Outfield: Russian Twists

Enough baseball…

Mosey to playground.  Single line by monkey bars.  One at a time: 5 pull-ups, one man at a time.  The rest of the PAX enjoyed an extended period of squats until it was their turn.  Rinse and repeat 5 times (25 pull-ups / 250 Squats) #PropsToDollywood (see LionsDen BB 7/1/14)

Enough pull-ups and squats…

LBC x 30
Flutters X 20
LBCs x 20
Flutters x 20
LBCs x 20
Flutters x 20

This work out was harder than this BB seems to suggest.  Maybe it was the 150% humidity; maybe we were missing the A-team and YHC is just grading on the curve…

The crowd was too tired to offer up announcements and prayer requests except for safe 4th of July travels and celebrations.




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