An Extra-Ordinary Saturday in The PowderKeg Gloom – Face: I'm Back!

  • Workout Date - 07/02/2016
  • Q In Charge - Gluten
  • The PAX - Seal, Face, FNG - Justen Jennings/"O.C."/WarBaby, FNG - Ben Price/"Phelps", GI Jane, Gomer, Bogo, Carl's, Jr., Whittle/WarDaddy, and YHC Gluten.
  • AO -

Talk about an entrance! SEVEN PAX stand ready for the last minute before 0700 and we see three unfamiliar vehicles make that unique PowderKeg right hand turn like they know the drill, but wanted us to wonder, “Who are those guys coming in on two wheels?” Well… what can YHC say except, “Kotters Face, and who are your buddies? Welcome to FNGs Justin Jennings and Ben Price! The standard disclaimer was issued… “We are not professionals, modify as necessary, you’ve been warned, yada, yada, yada…! Let’s get busy…


  1. Imperial Walkers, In Cadence X20
  2. SSH,  In Cadence X20
  3. Mountain Climbers,  In Cadence X20. Let’s mosey…


PowderKeg’s famous steps are the next venue for some Joe Hendrix w/ Karaoke (or lunge walk) thrown in for good measure. Oh, and plank at the top for some Arm/Leg raises while we wait on the six. Good work! The Next Exercise is:

Ring O’Fire Circle Up and plank and when the PAX to your immediate LEFT completes a Merican Triplet, it’s your turn, and so on, and so on X 10 PAX for three complete circuits. The Next Exercise is the Flutter Kick, In Cadence X 20. Done here. Time for a new venue. Let’s Mosey…

YHC takes the PAX toward the Picnic Shelter, but YHC stayed on the pavement which curved up the hill to the RIGHT to, you guessed it, The Coupon Pile for a Block Routine. Grab your favorite concrete block and circle up for… The NEXT Exercise – is:

  1. 21 Guns
    1. Bottom Range X 7, and HOLD for YHC count;
    2. Top Range X 7, and HOLD  for YHC count;
    3. Full Range X 7,  for YHC count. Blocks down for a few arm circles, then Blocks Up for
  2. Over Head Press, In Cadence, X 10. Blocks down for a few arm circles, then Blocks Up for
  3. Tri-cep Extensions, X 10 following YHC’s count. Blocks down for a few arm circles, then Rinse & Repeat for RD #2! All done with that block routine. Put ’em back neatly in their place in the pile and… Let’s Mosey. Watch where YHC goes, off pavement and a hard RIGHT up to the picnic shelter. The Next Exercise is no picnic.

ELEVENS: Dips & Dericans, OYO, 1,10; 2,9; 3,8; yada, yada, yada! Done here. So, the PAX follows YHC on a short Mosey down to the closest parking lot past a couple cars and then a sharp RIGHT turn up to the next grassy terrace for The Next Exercise… is:

CLOCK PLANKS – similar to Clock Mericans, but without the push ups. Went through several “hours” of this and then it was a a Zombie Walk to The Wall! The Next Exercise is:

The Wall Of Fire (Two Rounds) Each member of the PAX did 10 Mericans in sequence while the rest of the PAX waited their turn in the Peoples Chair. Brief recovery period, then a Rinse and Repeat, this time with Wericans. Done here. Ready for a Mosey? YHC gave instructions for a Four Corner Escalator: 1st Corner – do 10 squats; 2nd Corner – do 10 Squats & 10 Lunges (each leg); 3rd Corner – do 10 Squats, 10 Lunges (each leg) & 10 Big Boy Sit Ups; 4th Corner – do 10 Squats, 10 Lunges (each leg), 10 Big Boy Sit Ups and 10 Burpees. Done here. Let’s Mosey…

The PAX follow YHC WEST past front entrance and hang a LEFT on the perimeter road and then take the next to last LEFT into the “Potato Masher” ending up at the Main Road near NEW White Fence. We hold a SuperMan Pose for a backward 10 count and YHC calls for a “JAILBREAK” to the Virtual Shovel Flag (Yes, we miss you, Brown Shorts). Good Work Men! Still got some time left for…


Circle Up, on your Six. The Next Exercise is Heals To Heaven, In Cadence, X 20; the Next Exercise is the Pretzel Crunch (Right Elbow to Left Knee) In Cadence X 15; Flip Flop (Left Elbow to Right Knee), In Cadence, X 15.  We’re DONE! Good Work Men!


Today the War Daddy was Whittle at 70 and the War Baby was FNG, Justin Jennings/O.C. at 26. This was the 2nd Saturday in a row with double figures at the PowderKeg! Great having Face back with his neighbors. Padre’s Neighborhood stood tall today! ANNOUNCEMENTS:

  • Mark your calendars – July 23 for the convergence at #StarCommand in Spartanburg where two AOs meet halfway at a F3rd AO #Patriot & #PowderKeg come together for a proper PADRE exchange! Should be a #crowdpleaser for sure. Meet at PowderKeg 5:45am on Saturday, July 23 and the PAX will form an appropriate Clown Car Caravan to our destination, the Upstate UPWARD HQ. PowderKeg will still have a workout for those unable to make the trip. Q TBA.
  • FIRE CRACKER FROLIC 5K, Easley’s Market Square, July 4th, 0730 race start time! Great opportunity to EH/#TurkeyPunch the many Sad Clowns residing in this area of Pickens County who don’t realize what they are missing…YET and REBOOT #MarketMadness! Whoopee is in as well as YHC! ARE YOU IN?
  • WREN AO LAUNCHES JULY 4TH, 0530, Wren High School Football Stadium, SlugQ looks to be a PT and he requests you bring a timer/App on cell phone will work!  Another AO #Westofthe Saluda!
  • NewSpringPowdersville Fire Works Display, Food Trucks, Sunday, 7PM
  • Palmetto200 Registrations now underway for the 12 man relay between Columbia & Charleston – a CSAUP event to be experienced!
  • PowderKeg has a 8 man team for another CSAUP event this fall in Fort Mill, The RAGNAR, October 2016
  • Coffeeteria, Chic-fil-A: YHC, Carl’s, Jr, Bogo & GI Jane experienced great extended 2nd F! Taylor Swift even joined in briefly before starting his Shift! Huggies and one of Padre’s 2.0’s work here as well! Great way to support the local economy!

PRAYERS for: 1.) F3 Brothers MIA, 2.) Brown Shorts texted in a strategic SMARTSACK with involvement in a successful fundraising Yard Sale for two ON-MISSION teams headed to Costa Rica and Canada this month.3.) TPC’s Discipleship Pastor – Chad Henderson’s wife, Amy lost a sister who suffered a massive heart attack a week after giving birth to a baby still in NICU. She leaves a husband, and two older children in addition to the newborn behind. YHC closed us out in prayer. As always, it is an honor to lead my F3 Brothers as we strive to become the unshackled warriors that GOD desires us to be as we are continually becoming FREED TO LEAD! #SYITG Gluten, out.


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