• Workout Date - 07/29/2017
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I’m putting out a call to all of F3 Nation to converge in Charlotte this July to FLOOD THE ZONE at an event started by one of F3’s own. This is the 16th year of the “24 Hours of Booty” that raises funds to fight cancer, and while it has historically been a cycling-oriented event, they are now allowing non-cycling participants, which provides the Nation a new and unique opportunity. Nearly $20 million has been raised to date, and people go all out for this event, from the participants to the surrounding neighborhood to the local community. Thanks to 24HoB Founder and F3 Metro brother, Spencer “Booty” Lueders, for your efforts and being part of the F3 team.

I’m leading the F3 “Gears” Cycling Team and I’ve planted the F3 flag to raise over $100,000 of the expected $1.75 million.  This is a challenge, but several teams have raised more, and they did it just by riding bikes! We have the power of the #pax in addition to our brothers riding on two wheels, so herein lies the opportunity: We are proposing to FLOOD THE ZONE like we do at BRR, Palmetto 200, MudRun, and other events, and show folks what male leadership and our brand of fitness is all about. In my eyes, this looks like a continuous F3 workout for the entire 24 hour event, with pax coming and going into the workout as they want, and hanging out in the “Bootyville” camping area as a DR/rest/boondoggle area. No doubt one of the gnarliest #CSAUP events in F3 history, but one of the most impactful.

More details on the interweb link below, but for pax asking “whaaaa?”: 24 Hours of Booty is held around a closed 3 mile loop in a beautiful and popular neighborhood in Charlotte, and folks ride, walk, and party as much as they want in a safe and engaging environment. There are no limits to the cycling; you can ride one lap or 100 (and people do those and everything in between). Camping is inside the loop, and all meals and snacks and hydration are included. It is a turn-key event and very well organized. Additional details:

1. Website: https://www.24foundation.org

2. Dates of the event: July 28&29

3. Kicks off Friday night (July 28th) at 7PM with many parties on the loop, including an F3 House Party known as HaywoodStock (band, beer, BBQ)

4. Family friendly and there are events for the 2.0’s. M’s welcome too.

5. F3 Nation Team kickoff event: Monday, February 27th at 6:30pm at Olde Mecklenburg Brewery (4150 Yancey Rd, Charlotte, NC 28217)

I’ll post more updates and information as we roll forward, but I’m asking the Nation to be part of our team and do something remarkable this July.  We’re going to raise over $100,000 in the fight against cancer and I want you to be  a part of it.

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions or want more details.

Perrin DesPortes (“Frenchy”)


718-314-0980 (m)​

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