A calling to post evolves into a Q

  • Workout Date - 11/21/2015
  • Q In Charge - SEAL
  • The PAX - Little Blue Pill, One Direction, White Walker (War daddy), and YHC (War baby)
  • AO -

4 hardcore, middle aged PAX heeded the call, in thine innerselves, to post at the one and only Legacy on a brisk Saturday AM. What’s odd is that YHC felt this call after getting to work at 6 am and seeing an empty work order bin, YHC elected to take a couple of hours of leave time and post. Pull out the ole F3 app and find the closest AO with an 0700 launch. 4.4 miles away is Legacy. Perfect. Never posted here before, unless you want to count the Jackalope.

Gloom observations: (not so gloomy at 0700)

Ruck-tards everywhere. Wait, there are some guys doing flutterkicks? Am I late? Ahh, it’s Dawn Patrol finishing up. Spot Moby, er I mean Flay. And PETA. Cool! A few others I’ve seen briefly at downtown AOs. One of the spice brothers, Punkin? or Ginger? maybe it was Curry. And who is this old fart? It’s Whittle ! From Powderkeg! With a damn ruck sack on! Crazy old bastard. That’s who I want to be when I grow up. And it looks like just 4 of us for Legacy. Introductions all around. Wait, I know you 1D. Cool! Who’s got the Q? ….. (1D) “Seal? You want this one?”   Hell yeah!!!

Warm up:

Windmills (we are going old school is all I can think)  x10 IC

Monkey humpers x10 IC

SSH x10 IC

Mountain climbers x10 IC


The plot thickens:

Down to the pond and 10 burpees. Back up to the short wall near playground. (1D expresses his love for this hill on the far side of track).

11’s with Dips and Derkins  and reverse LBCs while holding for PAX

11’s with Pull up’s and Swerkins (seeing Flay made me think of these) YHC had to modify halfway through. My arms were jelly. 55 pull-ups in 4 minutes is insane. Again, reverse LBCs while holding for PAX.

Back down to the pond. Again, let’s go old school with a true Jacobs Ladder. Run to top of second knoll, 1 burpee. Back down, then right back up. 2 burpees. All the way to 7, then back down the ladder. Hallelujah!  What a smoker this was. I almost merlot around 7. And….. back up 1D’s favorite hill. Partner up.

Poor White Walker gets me as battle buddy. Historically, I have tortured PAX at Powderkeg that get me as a Dora partner, by sandbagging the run just a bit to make them suffer with the reps a little. LOL, it’s mean as hell. But not today. I will do my best brother. No sandbagging at Legacy.

Dora 1, 2, 3 .  Partner A runs to the bath house/ sauna/ shelter / whatever that place is. Partner B does the reps. 1D requests some ab work. You got it.

100 merkins, 200 reverse LBCs  300 double count flutterkicks

Got to know Little Blue Pill a little better as we chat on the jogs. And piss off the groundskeeper who was trying to blow leaves off our running track. Yall’s city tax dollars at work. Those damn leaves will be right back there an hour from now. #pointless

Running out of time. Mosey back to the courtyard.

3 Minutes of Mary:

And why not keep it old school to the end. 3 minutes AMRAP of burpees. A few actually kept count. YHC did not!


Is it sad that it was realized that YHC was war baby at 42? Nope, it’s admirable. The Corvette Club it was dubbed.

Convergence at Powderkeg on Thanksgiving morning. YHC will be there to lead some. You get bragging rights if you are lucky enough to join my group.

Prayers were heard for Ben T. and his post-op recovery/ongoing battle with Chemo.

Footnote here: (or you could say inner dialog). Ok. Imagine for a second that Morgan Freeman is narrating this. Or maybe Tom Hanks. Whatever. And (if you know me) picture me running with this group of men. Here is what was going through my mind:

I arrived to work at my normal time of 5:45 am ( I work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) and find the place unusually quiet. Lot’s of workers on vacation. Machinery was running well. No breakdowns needing attention. I think, I would love to get in a workout right now. But how? I’ll just take some time off and go to the nearest AO. The F3 app shows the nearest ones launch at 0600 hrs on Saturday. But then I see Legacy. So I leave work and change into shorts/running shoes in the parking lot. I get to the park and meet up with some old friends in other workouts. Then the 4 of us there for Legacy get started. I was happy to take the Q. We all are chatting and getting to know each other a little more as we go. Then somewhere along the way, I make the realization that I was there for a reason. Now, my being free to leave on a Saturday morning from my job was completely random and spontaneous. It just never happens! Yet, there was a reason. I just didn’t see God working right away. Isn’t this always the case? There was a clear reason why I was led there. It’s because a brother needed me. God put me there to help a brother who may have been struggling some. Even he said it. But God also put me there to help me. I was there to listen and learn from my brothers. And I did. Thank you F3 brothers. I needed that. 

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