A Burpee Challenge? Challenge Accepted!

  • Workout Date - 12/03/2015
  • Q In Charge - Floppy Disc
  • The PAX - Walrus (Respect, WD) Third Base, Look Out Below, Thumper, Officer Poncharello (WB), YHC
  • AO -

So YHC was just working along on a fine Wed afternoon, when the call went out on Twitter for a Q for #TOT.  Since I had been suckered into encouraged to join the Burpee Challenge for December, I graciously agreed to pick up the mantle of Q, and bring the fun with me this morning (cue evil laughter for the unsuspecting pax…)

Conditions 42 degrees and calm, with a hint of moonlight

As I rolled into the parking lot, turnout looked a bit scarce.  I think word might have gotten out that I was participating in the Burpee Challenge, and the pax were running scared. (All they had to do was read my Tweets from the last 2 days.  SOMEONE has to be record keeper to keep the Pax accountable.)  As the appointed time neared, 3 Ruckers showed up out of the gloom, stowed their rucks, and joined YHC near the shovel flag.  2 more brave pax approached as well, but I’m not sure they knew what was coming.  Still, for 40 deg weather, a fine showing this AM.

Disclaimer is given, and away we go.



Burpees x 5, Lunges x 10 (DC) IW x 15 Merkins x 20 Plank Jacks x 25  Squats x 30, all OYO

There was some #Mumblechatter about this being a warmup?  I chose to continue on with the plan, a little smile on my face…

The Thang

This was totally plagiarized from @F3Chaser, but that’s why we follow some of the guys who are known for their #Beatdowns

10×4 Countdown Circuit

Each Pax started with 10 ea – Merkins, Squats, Burpees, and BBSitUps

After you complete you reps, take a Lunge walk down to the stop sign and mosey back, a walk of approx 40-50 yds.

Rinse and repeat, dropping a rep of each exercise.

Finish with 1 rep of each exercise, and then take a lap.

@ThirdBase, who was also crazy enough to join the challenge, decided to get some extra credit in, and keep the burpees at 10 reps per cycle.

While each circuit seemed to get easier, the #LungeWalk seemed to get longer….I think either @LOB or @Thumper was moving the stop sign by a pace each time they got there…they were too far ahead in the gloom for me to verify this accusation though…

Once all circuits were completed, we met back up at the flag to meet Mary..


Now this is where the real #Crowdpleaser came through…It’s time for a littlle Roxanne

If you’ve never experienced this torture pleasure at a workout, then you need to bring it to your next Q.  While listening to Sting belt out this tune, you do a burpee each time Roxanne is mentioned.  The start is slow, the chorus is awful.  Perfect mix for a beatdown.

Final Totals

For those of you keeping score at home, here’s where we finished for the day:

15 SSH

More Lunges than needed

15 Imperial Walkers ( or Hillbillies for those less coordinated)

75 Merkins

25 Plank Jacks

85 Squats

55 BB Situps

Anywhere between 75-120 Burpees depending on how many you did during the circuits, and how well you kept up with Roxanne (FYI There are 26 in Roxanne, but I can’t keep up w/ the song…yet)



A – Sign up for the Swamp Rabbit Christmas party – See link below

P- Many of the Pax had friends and Family on their hearts this morning. Prayers for @Thumper‘s friend Justin who suffered major heart attack, and is still in critical condition. Pray for Wade Hampton Middle family who’s daughter was killed in a car wreck.  She was only 14. Continued prayers for F3 Lex @NailPop and Walker. Prayers for @Ponch‘s coworker Michael who was taking his son to rehab today.



As part of this Burpee Challenge, I have realized that doing burpees on your own sucks much more than doing them with the Pax…even more encouragement to #post.

@ThirdBase is a champ – even with an injured elbow, still knocked out 120 Burpees today so that he can celebrate Christmas Eve burpee free

@Walrus is pushing through all of these reps alongside the rest of us, hope that i can still do this into my 50s as well.  That #Respect is well earned brother

The COT today really brought me back to the reality that while posting, and pushing each other physically is a challenge, that is just temporary. Our brothers, families, co-workers are all struggling as well, and our faith in God is the rock we need to stand on, not our own abilities.  it is always a pleasure to lead, but it is a greater honor to stand beside each of you, kneeling before the throne of the Most High.  Remember what Christmas is truly about, and enjoy this celebration.

Until the next time,

Floppy Disc

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