A Bear, Shooting Star, & Blocks

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  • Workout Date - 03/31/2015
  • Q In Charge - Grrr
  • The PAX - Cockroach, Alfred, ITunes, Squirrel Butt, Biofreeze, Wally, Lizard Lick, Oui Oui, Erector, Training Wheels, Mab Mab, NSA, Blue Hawaii, Snowden, Alejandro, & Grrr
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16 Men showed up at #TheStation for an easy workout according to Alfred. You think he would have learned his lesson after Iceman’s #BurpeePalooza. Instead Alfred decided to #pokethebear,YHC, on the Twitter. Mentions of yoga and easy workouts were all that Grrr needed for motivation. #Qdrenaline

The Thang:

SSH X 20
IW X 20

Mosey to 1st Hill for Alfred’s favorite exercise:

Duckwalk up the Hill (Q the #MumbleChatter)

At the top line up for Indian Run DoubleApplesauce
Stop at 2nd Intersection
– Russian Twists X 20 OYO
– Squats X 20

Mosey to MUMC Church Parking Lot
– Partner Up & Grab a Coupon/Block (“Alfred your with YHC”)
Block Dora- Partner Runs Parking Lot Twice

Man Makers X 100- Snowden questions if YHC understands what a Man Maker is. YHC grins 🙂
Block Curls X 200
Chest Presses X 300

While we wait on PAX 20 Squats
– Wouldn’t be #TheStation w/o a Train. Burpees X 10 I promised the PAX No Burpees, but Rules are Rules. Right Earthmover? 😉

Mosey across the street and line up for more Indian Run DoubleApplesauce
Indian Run to Side Entrance of Park, but Wait There’s More!

Running Short on Time
-Lt. Dan up to 4 Squats/16 Lunges
-Jack Webbs up to 5 Merkins/20 Air Presses (It’s Only Air, Well Maybe Not After Man Makers)

Partner LBC/Plank x20 (Thanks Iceman, YHC likey)
Dolly IC X 20
-As YHC Calls Out Last Cadence, YHC Q’s the Special Effects and Gives the PAX a Shooting Star. You’re Welcome


Naked Moleskin

Prayer Requests
– Perry Mason and Footloose
– Families Traveling During Spring Break

– F3 expansion: Greenwood, Atlanta, Asheville (all noted in the weekly email)
– Mud Run- Need 1 More. See Mab Mab
– Jackalope – 5/16. Sign up now – we need a headcount No Excuses b/c Grrr is signed up

Alfred I appreciate you, your bad Yoga jokes, and your Twitter call out. I hope you will be able to use your arms this week. Always a pleasure to lead and fellowship with this group of Men. F3 and the PAX have changed my life for the better. Grrr still has a hairy chest, but getting little slimmer and quicker every day. Let’s EH others, hold ourselves and our brothers accountable, and push each other every day to get better.

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