9/11 Commemorative – Modified Firefighter Combat Challenge!

  • Workout Date - 09/11/2014
  • Q In Charge - Caviar
  • The PAX - Hootie, Mr. Winslow, Denied, Ice Man, Zip-It
  • AO -

The faithful PAX of the Lion’s Den AO expect the unexpected, and today’s foray into the jungle didn’t disappoint. In light of today’s historical significance we paid tribute to the brave firefighters of NYC who ran TOWARDS the destruction of the World Trade Center. All agreed The Firefighter Combat Challenge was an IdiotMagnet, bringing ample cardio/strength pain to the Thang.


Warm Up



Merkins IC 11

Mosey to…


Modified Firefighter Challenge 

High-Rise Pack Carry– 40ish lb back-pack carry up and down amphitheater steps while partner planks. Switch.

Hose Hoist– 40ish lb back-pack hauled up to a carabiner suspended 10 feet above ground via rope while partner planks. Switch.

Forcible Entry – 10x 30 lb Kettle Bell Swings.

Hose Advance – Drag 100ish lb pack 75 feet via rope. Switch.

Victim Rescue – Drag your partner 75 feet. Switch.


WTC Dora – 110 Stories

110 squats per two-person team with sprints between cones, placed 75′ apart.

110 Merkins per two-person team with sprints between cones, placed 75′ apart.

Mosey with “hose packs” to HQ.



Each PAX called out an exercise, 20 IC

Freddie Mercury’s

Russian Twists

“Foot throws”? (Lay on your back, bring your feet up, partner throws them down)


Air Humpers

Heels to Heaven




Moonshiner Race, BMW Race, OBT/Dredd’s visit to Legacy

Prayer Requests

Caviar’s M’s doctor appointment

9/11 Victim/Families

Charleston County Police Officers recently killed in line of duty.

Hootie’s son’s schooling needs.


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